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By Sheryl Brooks, R.N., Women's Health Expert

For many of us, the holidays mean travel and sleeping in unfamiliar rooms and beds. Those unfamiliar surroundings can make getting a good night’s sleep challenging. Try these tips to improve your sleep when you're away from home.


By: Miraval's Angela Onsgard, R.D.

Learn what the worst salad toppings are and the healthy alternatives you should choose instead.


Enjoy this easy and delicious Green Cashew Smoothie recipe - you'll love it!

  • 1 cup cashew milk
  • 1 green pear
  • 2 cups greens (spinach or kale work great)
  • 1 ounce (about 20) cashews

Blend all ingredients and serve.


By: Carolyn Crawford, Astrologer

This is a relatively quiet and even month despite the last month of the election cycle.  We begin October on Saturday the 1st with beautiful Venus in harmony with visionary Neptune.  Sensitivity in love and good taste in art and decor are in the air. Venus is in Scorpio now and Neptune in Pisces. Both are water signs highlighting intuition and compassion.  

On Sunday October 2nd the sun is irritated somewhat by Neptune.  During this period some may be dissatisfied with themselves or with what they have accomplished thus far in life. This can be an idealistic time, and when standards can be set too high. A fear of rejection or of social obligations can keep you from seizing opportunities. Also the air sign planets Mercury and Uranus could add more confusion in travel and communications primarily for those born in the signs Aries, Virgo and Scorpio.

The sun blends well with Saturn on Tuesday the 4th bringing stability and security through organizational skills and effective planning. Those born in the signs Libra and Sagittarius can experience stable business growth and increased security.

Venus and Pluto become passionately involved intensifying relationships on Wednesday the 5th. Financial gains are possible as the assessment of the value of stocks or goods is right on target. Scorpios and Capricorns especially have ability to attract others and increase charisma. Some can cultivate latent talents. The warrior Mars squares off with excessive Jupiter. Litigation and taking unnecessary risks should be avoided. Overdoing or overspending may affect Capricorns and Librans the most.