Thanksgiving is a time for gratitude and sharing our love for family and friends. With passed down family recipes, each year we plan our menu and it always tends to look the same. Why not freshen up those traditional dishes and add a Miraval inspired twist to your dinner party this year? With these mindfully inspired recipes you can create brand new traditions for your family and friends that will encourage mindful eating all year long!

Pumpkin Cornmeal Bread


By Miraval's Carolyn Crawford, Astrologer

The sun now in Scorpio, the 10th sign of the zodiac rules death and regeneration or transformation. In the northern hemisphere it is the time of falling leaves and the end of the harvest season.  Now the soil can be replenished as it lies fallow for the winter. And so November is a pivotal month asking us to turn inward and become reflective as the year nears its end.

At the beginning of the month Mercury, the planet which rules thought also enters brooding Scorpio. Searing insight into the psychological motivations of others can result in direct and sometimes tough communications.

However on November 2, Venus and Mars exactly conjoin for the third time this year but now in Virgo. These two social planets have been hanging out with nearby Jupiter all month. It is time to mingle as many will feel this as a festive few days. For some this brings new romantic possibilities. Those with a creative bent can be prodigious. This is an especially happy time for those Virgos born near September 16-17 as well as Capricorns born near January 13-14 or Taurus born near May 14-15.

Mercury on the 3rd can overestimate possibilities but turns logical on the 4th bringing clarity and order to most activities.

Then on November 5th, Jupiter and Uranus combine in a somewhat stressful angle bringing disruptions. Opportunities can be denied if behavior is too rebellious or inconsistent. The urge to be independent is strong which can inhibit cooperation. There can be a fear of attachment or conformity. However thinking outside the box can result in unique solutions. Those Aries born near April 6-7 Aquarians born near February 4-5 will feel the restlessness and impatience this period can bring.

On Friday November 6th Mercury blends harmoniously with Neptune heightening intuition and creativity. Inspiration and imagination will uplift those Scorpios born near October 30-31st, Pisces born near February 26-27 and Cancers born near June 29-30th. 


By: Miraval’s Kim Kelder, Lead Aesthetician & Skin Care Specialist

Exfoliate or start a peel series

Your skin can appear dull and dry after a summer spent in the sun; Exfoliation can remove the dull dead layer of skin, and unclog pores plugged by regular sunscreen use. But be gentle with exfoliation use a gentle scrub or mild AHA or Glycolic acid to exfoliate. Exfoliate only once or twice a week, don't get too aggressive, over exfoliation and over scrubbing can scratch, tear, and damage skin and can also dry your skin out.  Make sureif you use a scrub that it is a gentle scrub and use light pressure. Another option is to start a peel series, glycolic acid or alpha hydroxy acid peels, done with your aesthetician or at your dermatologist's office. These procedures are more effective and quicker at removing the superficial dead layer of skin.


By Miraval's Carolyn Crawford, Astrologer

This month begins with Mars the warrior in Virgo in dissonance to Uranus, the tech god in Aries indicates unexpected changes and nervous tension for some and reckless actions for others. Those born near March 7th could experience car trouble or computer problems. Patience and self-control are advised.

Monday and Tuesday October 5 and 6 are full of astro-activity.  Venus and the sun in discord to Pluto the god of change can indicate others question your authority . Cooperation or compromise is advised. Relationships can under scrutiny. Capricorns born near January 2-3 and Librans born near October 5-6 should watch for manipulations. however this is a good time for analysis and research.


By Miraval's Casey Shaw, Yoga & Meditation Specialist

Are you interested in practicing at home but feel overwhelmed by to-dos or don’t feel like you have enough space?  Setting up a special space for your sacred time with yourself can be a motivation and inspiring first step to bringing your practice into your home.