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Detoxifying wraps are a great way to nourish and rehydrate your skin while also removing impurities, but why wait for your next Miraval trip to enjoy these benefits, when you can do them at home?

Our Detoxifying Botanical Body Wrap can be done at home with a little advanced preparation. A great change-of-season body renewal to enliven the mind and body!



Your skin is the only thing protecting you from the outside world—keeping vital elements like moisture in and undesirable elements like pollution out. It's the body's largest organ, and nothing reflects your wellness—mental and physical—quite like the condition of your skin.

The Grounding Facial, a Miraval exclusive developed by Clarins, is a 70-minute journey into the world of plants, using 100% pure botanical extracts to deepen relaxation, ease fatigue, and shift you to a place of well-being. The facial beings with the placement of warm stones onto your skin to help relax facial tension and open the pores. Then, a botanical double cleanse dislodges embedded makeup and impurities, followed by a mood-lifting facial massage and hydrating mask. 


By: Kim Kelder, Miraval's Lead Aesthetician and Skincare Specialist


By: Bonnie Johnson, Miraval's Makeup Specialist

Spring is finally here! Lets celebrate! It's time to brighten up your beauty routine.


DIY Spa Treatment

Flourish Body Scrub

Winter weather gets the best of our skin. Welcome in the warm weather by refreshing your skin with this at home body scrub from Miraval's Mindful Living.

What better way to do “out with the old, in with the new” than with a customized body scrub? The Miraval Flourish Body Scrub is designed to remove dead skin cells and then hydrate, firm, and soften the skin beneath.