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Our Culinary Team produces amazing meals all day every day for our guests, but do you ever wonder how the kitchen works?  What happens in the back of the kitchen is usually a mystery to most, but not anymore! This video gives you glance at how our amazing chefs work flawlessly through a dinner service here at Miraval. Enjoy!


By: Junelle Lupiani, Registered Dietitian, Nutrition Supervisor

Question #1

What is the ideal packed lunch for elementary school aged kids?


By: Junelle Lupiani, Registered Dietitian, Nutrition Supervisor

Today there are so many fad diets, weightloss tips, and tricks it is easy to get lost in the trends. But when it comes down to it losing weight is simple, not always easy but simple. These basic tips will not only help you lose weight but also help your body feel it's best!


Miraval's Nutritionist Junelle Lupiani lists her Top 5 "Must Try Experiences"

First Time Guests

#1 — Miraval Outback Hike 

Miraval property is located within the Sonoran Desert and this 2 hour hike immerses you in it. Experience flora and fauna you will only find here and still be back before breakfast.


By Justin Macy, Miraval's Executive Chef

These 7 substitutions are great ways to reduce calories and fat without losing the flavor and consistency you love.