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July 11-25, 2016


Join us for 2 weeks of mindfulness and spirituality workshops and classes where you will learn to slow down, look deeply, heighten self-awareness and develop a more fulfilling life in balance.



By Lisa Frank, M.Ed., Wellness Counselor and Yoga Instructor

What is your greatest relationship desire? For most it is to love and to be loved in return, to be seen, to be understood and to have a sense of belonging and deep connection. Yet many unconsciously resist the very thing they want most. Real intimacy requires vulnerability, connection with your true self, and openness with your heart and feelings. As you become more mindful and compassionate towards yourself, your bond with others will also improve. This blog will explore a few ways to create deeper connections within, as well as with your loved one. 



By Sheryl Brooks, R.N., Women's Health Expert

As women, we are very good at taking care of others and getting things done.  How about bumping YOU to the top of the priority list and make time for some TLC (therapeutic lifestyle choices)?  

Here are just a few ideas for the “to do" list for honoring the body, mind and spirit. Try to take a few minutes for one each day: 


By Carolyn Crawford, Astrologer

At the beginning of this month on April 5th, the sun in harmony to Saturn indicates a period of steady accomplishment. There can be success in overcoming obstacle and better relations with authorities as well as an increase in patience, good planning and organizing. This is especially helpful for Sagittarians and Aries, both fire signs, who often need a little grounding.

The sun square Pluto on April 6th indicates issues regarding power and control which may be uncomfortable. There can be increased competition. The necessity to share and trust is especially poignant for Aries, Capricorns, Librans and some born in the sign Cancer.


By Rebecca Wilkinson, MA

Wellness Counselor and Art Therapist

Many of us would like to be more creative but we struggle with an inner voice that volleys a steady stream of discouraging negativity.  “I’m not talented enough”, “Creativity is frivolous”, “Who’s got time for it?!” “There are real problems that need my attention!”, “You’re either born with talent or you’re not”.  This "Inner Critic" might also have other names such as Nagging Nelly or Perfect Pete which capture the discouraging power of this inner voice.

Although we may feel that our Inner Critic is out to sabotage our creativity, it might actually be well meaning, even if a bit misguided. Someone once said that her Inner Critic, which she called “The Wicked Witch,” was trying to "suck the joy" out of her life. This critical voice often wants to protect us from embarrassment or failure, or it tries to help us avoid frustration and disappointment. However, in doing so, it keeps us from experimenting with new ideas and from the learning that comes with trial and error. It also keeps us from the joy that comes from applying our creativity.