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By Miraval's Carolyn Crawford, Astrologer

The sun now in Scorpio, the 10th sign of the zodiac rules death and regeneration or transformation. In the northern hemisphere it is the time of falling leaves and the end of the harvest season.  Now the soil can be replenished as it lies fallow for the winter. And so November is a pivotal month asking us to turn inward and become reflective as the year nears its end.

At the beginning of the month Mercury, the planet which rules thought also enters brooding Scorpio. Searing insight into the psychological motivations of others can result in direct and sometimes tough communications.

However on November 2, Venus and Mars exactly conjoin for the third time this year but now in Virgo. These two social planets have been hanging out with nearby Jupiter all month. It is time to mingle as many will feel this as a festive few days. For some this brings new romantic possibilities. Those with a creative bent can be prodigious. This is an especially happy time for those Virgos born near September 16-17 as well as Capricorns born near January 13-14 or Taurus born near May 14-15.

Mercury on the 3rd can overestimate possibilities but turns logical on the 4th bringing clarity and order to most activities.

Then on November 5th, Jupiter and Uranus combine in a somewhat stressful angle bringing disruptions. Opportunities can be denied if behavior is too rebellious or inconsistent. The urge to be independent is strong which can inhibit cooperation. There can be a fear of attachment or conformity. However thinking outside the box can result in unique solutions. Those Aries born near April 6-7 Aquarians born near February 4-5 will feel the restlessness and impatience this period can bring.

On Friday November 6th Mercury blends harmoniously with Neptune heightening intuition and creativity. Inspiration and imagination will uplift those Scorpios born near October 30-31st, Pisces born near February 26-27 and Cancers born near June 29-30th. 


By Miraval's Carolyn Crawford, Astrologer

This month begins with Mars the warrior in Virgo in dissonance to Uranus, the tech god in Aries indicates unexpected changes and nervous tension for some and reckless actions for others. Those born near March 7th could experience car trouble or computer problems. Patience and self-control are advised.

Monday and Tuesday October 5 and 6 are full of astro-activity.  Venus and the sun in discord to Pluto the god of change can indicate others question your authority . Cooperation or compromise is advised. Relationships can under scrutiny. Capricorns born near January 2-3 and Librans born near October 5-6 should watch for manipulations. however this is a good time for analysis and research.


By Miraval's Carolyn Crawford, Astrologer

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Late the August 31 or on the east coast early on September 1, Venus goddess of love and beauty and Mars, the planet of action conjoin in Leo bringing romance and social pleasure especially for  the fire signs. Venus is still retrograde but slowing down to go direct on the 6th. This is an opportunity to re-evaluate one's values and what is important in relationships. Creativity and being in the spotlight await those born near August 6-8.

On Wednesday September 2 Jupiter and Uranus combine in a stressful angle to each other can bring up unexpected changes or an erratic urge for independence and impulsive actions in particular for Aries born near April 8-10. 

Thursday September 3, Mercury, the planet or communication and slippery Neptune weave tales of wonder for creative writers or beautiful songs for musicians but can also indicate muddled communications or passive aggressive tendencies when confronted. This is likely to annoy for Librans born near October 1-2.

On Saturday September 5, the sun in harmony with Pluto in earth signs signaling greater confidence and brings a sense or authority or leadership to Virgos born near September 5-7 and Capricorns December 3-5.

After Labor Day the fall kicks into full swing on Tuesday September 8 as Mars, the planet of action synchronizes with Uranus, the planet of innovation. Changes now bring more freedom or ease in your life. This is an excellent time to find solutions or purchase a car or computer.  Those born near August 11-12 and April 8-9 can expect a smooth ride.


Packing Healthy Lunches for Kids - Part 3 of 3 Part Back to School blog series

By Angela Onsgards, R.D.

With the first day of school right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about how we will fuel our children and keep them energized and alert throughout the school day.  One of the most important tips that I recommend to parents is involving their children in planning and preparing their school lunches.  This will increase the likelihood that the kids will enjoy their lunch and decrease trading with other kids for less healthy choices. 

A good rule of thumb is to provide 1 serving of grain or starchy vegetable, 1 serving of lean or plant-based protein, a healthy source of fat, and lots of non-starchy vegetables and fruit.


6 Sleep Tips To Create A Great 1st Day - Part 2 of 3 Part Back to School blog series

By Sheryl Brooks, Registered Nurse

When getting your child or teenager ready to learn and to start the school year right, creating good sleep habits should happen right along with choosing the right backpack, shoes and supplies. Teaching kids that sleep is important and that good choices support good sleep is one more way to help them create healthy habits for life, as well as a successful school year.