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8 Principles to Create the Life You Truly Desire

We are so proud to announce our newest book by Miraval Specialists TejPal and Dr. Carrol McLaughlin!  Manifest Moment to Moment offers guidance on how to live the life you long for.  In this book Tejpal and Dr. McLaughlin share 8 practical ways to "get unstuck" and manifest the life you truly desire. 


By TejPal, Brennan Healing Practitioner, M.A., M.B.S.

Most of us operate on the mental physical and emotional levels but are less practiced in integrating the heart and spiritual dimensions. When we first begin to receive intuitive thoughts or our first glimmers of what our life purpose might be, we often don’t trust them. Guidance from our heart and emotional centers comes to us like a different language, one we don’t completely understand yet. I say follow it anyway, and don’t worry about having every step of the journey planned out.


By Leigh Weinraub, Miraval Tennis Coach & Wellness Counselor

Have you ever looked inside your purse or brief case and seen a complete mess and instantaneously feel your blood pressure start to rise? Or climb into bed at night unable to sleep because your head is swirling, your heart is palpitating and your body is uncontrollably restless?  Or open your car door and feel a flood of overwhelmed feelings because your car is packed with old coffee cups, last week’s newspapers and the unused yoga mat?


Miraval is a great place for couples to getaway and take time out of their busy schedules to reconnect. From challenge activities to exclusive spa services, Miraval provides the supportive environment for quality time with your loved one. Here's some of our favorite activities for couples to explore together.


By Sheryl Brooks, R.N., Women's Health Expert

As women, we are very good at taking care of others and getting things done.  In observance of National Women’s Health Week how about bumping YOU to the top of the priority list this week and make time for some TLC (therapeutic lifestyle choices)?  

Here are just few ideas for this week’s “to do list” for honoring the body, mind and spirit. Try to take a few minutes for one each day: