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By: Deborah King

Deep inside, we are all natural healers. Long ago, our ancestors knew how to heal themselves and others; how to connect to each other and to those who had passed beyond the physical plane; and how to ground their energy by being in tune with Mother Earth. In early cultures, practices like telepathy between mother and child and sending healing energy to a loved one out on a hunt were everyday routines the ancients didn’t think twice about doing.

These customs and skills may have been buried by our modern, technology-laden culture, but they are not lost! They are simply hanging out in our collective unconscious, waiting to be uncovered and put to use again. With some training and practice, you can reawaken these dormant abilities and learn to use them consciously, for yourself and your loved ones.

At my Miraval workshops and healing courses, I provide you with the tools to activate your own innate self-healing abilities. Whether the root cause is physical, spiritual, or emotional distress, distortions in your energy field and blocks in your chakras can prevent you from living in the light and fulfilling your highest purpose. Maintaining a healthy balance in your energy field is an ongoing process, but once you learn the basics of self-healing, you will feel transformed.

Here are five simple techniques that I offer at each workshop to get this process started:

1. Meditate.

I can’t stress this enough—if you only do one thing to begin the practice of self-healing, meditate. Meditation works at a deep level of consciousness to help reduce stress and tap into whatever information is needed to restore your mind, body, and spirit to a state of harmony. A regular practice of meditation—just 20 minutes—provides you with a sense of calm and an amazing clarity that can resolve many of your physical and emotional issues. I work with attendees at each and every workshop to insure they have a solid meditative base and we meditate together as a group each day, which takes us very deep. Talk about relaxing!


By Anne Parker, M.A. 

Simplifying your life is fundamentally about the willingness to make choices about where you put your attention and energy. Typically, when we feel overwhelmed and have the desire to simplify, it’s because we are attempting to do too much and have expectations that are not reasonable, which leads us to put  energy into distractions – activities that don’t support our true goals and intentions.

These ideas apply to all aspects of our life – personal and professional. Simplifying requires us to shift habits and expectations. To simplify we must make different choices and be willing to accept the ramifications of those choices when they are comfortable and when they are uncomfortable. 


In this insightful video with Coach Leigh Weinraub, gain new perspective about how to approach holiday stress and how to recover quickly. Hope you enjoy! 

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By Junelle Lupiani, R.D.

As some readers might know, 2012 was a year of creation for me.  I had my first child in the early days of 2013!  Since then, a lot has changed.  Especially for the better.  That said, physical shifts have certainly occurred and now that my son is close to his 10th month I have decided to concentrate on the health of my gut.  As the dietitian at a world class resort, I can say confidently that I have the knowledge base on what nutritional approaches can be taken to improve the health of my digestive tract so I got to work and applied my knowledge.  But alas, after a full month of concentrating solely on nutritional approaches I continued to struggle.  It was then that I decided to get resourceful!  Instead of concentrating on nutrition alone, I decided to use the integrative approaches that exist here at Miraval.     


By Anne Parker, M.A. 

Holiday worries tend to show up in two categories – worries about how things “should be” and worries about things that are beyond our control. When we can recognize these worries for what they are, we are able to put our energies in truly enjoying holiday events and connections.

Families often have high expectations about how holidays “should be”. We are easily lulled into fantasy visions of perfect holiday decorations, food, gifts, and traditions in a hoped-for atmosphere of pure contentment and joy. However, the quickest way to be disappointed is to have expectations based on those fantasies and hopes.

Often what creates stress in holiday times is attempting too many events, too many special meals, too many gifts, etc. So, instead of trying to create the “perfect holiday”, identify the two or three elements that are most meaningful and put your attention and energy into those. Allow yourself to make mindful choices about what is most meaningful instead of making choices based on what is “right” or what “should be”. Holidays will be much more enjoyable and fun if you focus on the top three and let the rest unfold in a more relaxed manner. The best holiday memories can be made from those unexpected moments that are spontaneous!