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Put on your sneakers and walk today!

Today is National Walking Day, sponsered by the American Heart Association. It is the perfect time to get out and walk. Walking is the most popular form of aerobic physical activity for adults in the United States. Whether you are walking your dog, walking with friends, or walking to get somewhere, every step counts towards your improved health.


Here at Miraval, our philosophy is Mindfulness and in everything we do, we encourage our guests to live in the present moment and be mindful of what is going on around them. So when Christine Hassler approached us about bringing a retreat to Miraval that focuses on the millennial generation to help them stop obsessing about having “it all figured out” and live in the present moment while giving them tools to take proactive steps toward their goal, we thought it was a perfect fit. The reality of it is, in no point in your life will you have everything figured out, you’re not supposed to!


By Michael Tompkins, CEO Miraval Resorts

Mindfulness, the practice of being in the moment has been the single most impactful tool I’ve used as CEO in overseeing the operations at Miraval.  It’s helped to create a work environment where each person can thrive.  Here are “Ten Ways Mindfulness Increases Success and Wellbeing at Work”:

Ten Ways Mindfulness Increases Success and Wellbeing at Work


New in April

Here at Miraval we try to expand our offerings as much as possible. We would like to introduce to you our new offerings available April 2014. Whether you enjoy spa services, artistic expression, culinary, lecture or fitness we have something new for you!

Himalayan Sound Bath with Pam Lancaster $95


By: Deborah King

Five Easy Ways to Lose Weight

These days it seems that everyone is trying to lose weight, and many people struggle with weight issues their whole lives. Negative body image, especially for women, is one of the most common causes of low self-esteem in this country. Unfortunately, low self-esteem can cause weight gain and there are plenty of other activities and emotional issues that can contribute to a heavier-than-you’d-like physique. If you’ve tried sensible dieting and exercise plans without success, it might be time to consider a more holistic approach to shedding those pounds that addresses not just your body, but your mind, heart, and spirit.