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By: Miraval's Angela Onsgard, R.D.

Last week, Miraval's Executive Chef Brandon Cathey and his culinary team served a delicious Sous Vide Wagyu Beef with Uni-Butter and Lobster Mushroom Dust for dinner. Read this blog by Miraval's Registered Dietitian, Angela Onsgard, to learn about chanterelle mushrooms and lobster mushrooms.


By: Miraval's Angela Onsgard, R.D.


Cravings can be so bio-individual. Often when you're craving something, it can be as much about texture, basic taste or how it feels in your mouth rather than a specific food. 



By Angela Onsgard, R.D.

Some ingredients work best when they are paired together. Learn healthy smoothie pairings that are nutritious and taste great! 



By Angela Onsgards, R.D.

One of my favorite things to do is cook!   I see cooking as a form of meditation.  I know this isn’t the case for everyone, but with a little guidance and a well-stocked pantry, cooking can become a much more enjoyable experience.

I always have a number of staples on hand to ensure that I will have enough to make a healthy meal in the event that I can’t make it to my local co-op or farmers market.  



By: Miraval’s Nancy Teeter, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Start the New Year off right with a new perspective to enjoy the food that you are eating and reduce the stress of healthy food preparation with these 4 tips!