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By Miraval's Casey Shaw, Yoga & Meditation Specialist

Are you interested in practicing at home but feel overwhelmed by to-dos or don’t feel like you have enough space?  Setting up a special space for your sacred time with yourself can be a motivation and inspiring first step to bringing your practice into your home. 


By: Miraval's Alysa Volpe, Yoga & Meditation Specialist

This year is the 25th anniversary of Tucson’s All Souls Procession and to celebrate we welcome you to learn about and participate in the celebration. I am fortunate to have been born and raised in the Sonoran Desert and feel blessed to have had the benefit of living in a place rich in Mexican and Native American culture and influence. Being able to experience the many traditions that have survived for centuries in Southern Arizona is something I am grateful for. The Day of the Dead came about after nearly 2500 years of indigenous practices focused on remembering the departed through ritual within this area and other parts of Mexico and Central America. With the arrival of the Spanish in the 16th Century, the Catholic Church appropriated many of the native rituals of remembrance and created All Souls Day. Throughout all cultures, people have found ways to feel connected and honor their ancestors, children, parents and all who have touched them during their lifetimes.


By: Miraval’s MaryGrace Naughton, Yoga & Meditation Specialist 

I have been teaching yoga for 15 years and am delighted when I see students smile. I love when a student isn’t caught up in taking themselves so seriously that they forget to have fun and enjoy this body they are living in.


By Lisa Frank, M.Ed., Wellness Counselor and Yoga Instructor

Yoga is often depicted in today’s society by women in tight colorful pants posing in twisted positions.  However, this ancient practice offers as many benefits to our mental-emotional-social state as to our physical one.  Yoga in Sanskrit means “union”, it is a way of living in conscious connection with all.  All parts of us, all beings everywhere, all of the universe.  A way of cultivating mind and body connection, deeper connection to one’s true Self, and connection with humanity.  In a quest for belonging, acceptance, and meaning, yoga provides a way.  Its rich teachings can be applied on the mat and perhaps more importantly can translate as lessons to help us be our more realized selves off the mat.  Here is a toolbox of lessons to get you started.

Mat as Mirror

The mat is a mirror of self-discovery to help us become more conscious of what's happening in the new now.  Pay attention to your breath and body in the present moment and you will become more self-aware and able to reflect yourself clearly to the world.    


Miraval Resort & Spa

By MaryGrace Naughton, Yoga & Meditation Specialist 

We all know there are no actual waves in this beautiful desert, so what is up with the name of this class!?