Entries for month: October 2012

Artist Diana Madaras

We are thrilled to welcome acclaimed artist Diana Madaras to Miraval! Although her art is well-known throughout the country, Diana is extremely popular in the Tucson area and her works can be found in thousands of homes here in Arizona. More than being an amazing painter, Diana is an incredibly lovely person and we are looking forward to having her work with our guests at Miraval. Here's a message from her...

My life is busy.  I run the galleries, develop new art products, meet customers, attend events, and paint. I yearn for quiet and tranquility and a chance to create without interruption; to shut out the noise of my busy world.

“Life in Balance” is just what the doctor ordered, and as I recover from a broken right hand (an artist’s worst nightmare), nothing could be better than a trip to Miraval. Today, for the first time since the accident 32 days ago, I was able to write.  I will start painting again this weekend with my right hand. 

After the accident, I longed to spend time in my new painting studio at home, so I’ve been painting with my left hand. I thought I would feel frustrated when I couldn’t make the strokes I wanted, but I found the experience to be peaceful and healing, and the paintings that resulted were emotional and satisfying. I was surprised I could do it!


Dr. Jim Nicolai

As we head into Cold and Flu season, coming into contact with germs is inevitable—it can’t be avoided, no matter how hard we try.  We absolutely need to wash our hands and cough into our sleeves, to limit the spread of these nasty bugs, but what are some ways to shore up immunity during this time when all kinds of infections seem to rear their ugly head?

Personally, this is a time for to open up the medicine chest and shore up my immune system.  Here are 5 tips for entering the cold and flu season to keep my body resilient during this time.


Type E

Highly successful and effective teams are most often comprised of both individuals who have aTypeE Personality and those who don’t.

Ineffective, unproductive, chaotic teams are often comprised of both individuals who have a TypeE Personality and those who don’t.

What’s the difference?  Why do some teams work so well and others flounder?