Entries for month: November 2012

By Dr. Mark Pirtle

Mark Pirtle Stress Specialist

People are really catching on: stress is making us sick. It's estimated that 80% of all doctor visits are related to illnesses that arise from chronic stress. Yet, stress seems to be something that's out there in the world; like something we have no control over; something that's happening to us. What's harder to see is our own subtle, but significant, contribution to our stress overload.


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Pam Trudeau Fitness Supervisor

by Fitness Supervisor Pam Trudeau

“OMG I had no idea” is what I hear quite often at the end of one of my “Balance” fitness classes. Whether you are 20 something or 80 something you’ve heard the phrase “use it or lose it” that truly pertains to your Balance system.

Fall prevention is the top of the list of reasons I began teaching the Balance class here at Miraval however it has quickly turned in to much more than that. S