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We are delighted to announce the addition of Miraval Journeys, a series of curated, private adventure tours through the world’s most exclusive regions.  From the mountains of Morocco to the Croatian coastline, Miraval Journeys offer exquisite adventures that give guests the chance to explore the world, mindfully. 
Miraval Journey Hvar
Led by Miraval’s seasoned tour partner David Smith in conjunction with local experts, the journeys provide guests the opportunity to discover the most breathtaking corners of the globe.  Through classes facilitated by Miraval specialists accompanying the tours, guests will experience travel in the Miraval way, while living life in the moment and growing as individuals with each new day and experience.


Miraval is on Pinterest!

Some of you may be familiar with Pinterest already and some of you are probably asking yourself lately “what the heck is this Pinterest thing?!” Well, here’s the 411 on how Miraval uses Pinterest to (hopefully) inspire you! Pinterest is “a virtual pinboard” like the bulletin board of yesteryear. You can use Pinterest to create multiple inspiration boards comprised of photos and imagery of anything and everything that you find interesting, cute, silly, fun, motivational, etc.

For Miraval, Pinterest is a great way to connect with our past, current and future guests to show you what is new at Miraval plus it allows us to give you tools to learn more about Miraval. Miraval pins advice for planning your stay, healthy tips for healthy lifestyles, recipes from the Mindful Eating cookbook, current sweepstakes and giveaways, “how to” videos from Miraval specialists, and much,  much more.


The TypeE Personality: Living an Enlightened Life

Working with more than ten thousand successful entrepreneurs, top executives, entertainers, artists, musicians, athletes, scientists and other innovators, psychotherapist Alex Giorgio discovered that many of these hard-charging, highly creative people share a common physiology, mental outlook and set of intuitive capabilities. These qualities were so distinctive he termed this the TypeE Personality.
TypeEs have a unique way of living their lives, and we all have a bit of TypeE in us.  To understand TypeE qualities and what we can do with what we have, Alex developed the TypeE Personality Profile.  The Profile explains the typical traits, interpersonal patterns and life stages of the TypeE person.


This light Lemon Meringue Baked Alaska recipe, featured in Miraval's new Mindful Eating Cookbook, is the perfect dessert to end a summer meal!


This flavorful lamb dish is a perfect example of the beautifully clean recipes featured in Miraval's new Mindful Eating Cookbook. Enjoy!

Skillet-Seared Rack of New Zealand Lamb