Entries for month: July 2012

You have probably heard of the Type A personality.  These people speed through their lives in a ball of stress at hundreds of miles an hour, racing from activity to activity.  Their purpose in life seems to be to just go.  It doesn’t matter why or where.  Creativity is an afterthought. 

Does this sound like you?  Well, you could have a Type A personality.  On the other hand, you might actually be a TypeE.  These innovators are usually entrepreneurs, top executives, small business owners, artists, musicians, athletes and scientists and those who work closely with them…

If you consider yourself energetic, creative, a global/systems thinker or simply enthusiastic, chances are you are a TypeE.

This check list will help determine if you’re a Type A or a TypeE.  One word of caution:  if you’re someone with a TypeE personality, but you’re living a life that is out of balance, you will look just like a Type A.