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Glen Griffith, Founder of the Miraval Golf Program, prepares for tournaments such as the 2013 Phoenix Open with an integrative approach. Not only does he practice his golf skills but he also focuses on overall health and mind/body/spirit wellness.

We caught up with Glen on the golf course and asked how he prepares for important events... enjoy!

Beyond the stunning casitas and award-winning spa cuisine, are transformational experiences that make our guests fall in love with Miraval. There's so much to choose from when you are planning your stay so we wanted to give you some ideas of experiences that our guests rave about. Our Pre-booking team is available Monday through Friday to discuss your specific itinerary and make other suggestions that are right for YOU!

What Working with Horses Can Tell You About Yourself

Equine Experience at Miraval

Acclaimed equine facilitator Wyatt Webb is the founder of the famed Miraval Equine Experience, where horses help you release blocks in your life. But instead of riding a horse on this inner-life journey, you’ll be grooming it.