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Miraval’s sleep expert Sheryl Brooks, R.N. helps guests learn about healthy behaviors and techniques to maintain the best quality sleep. One of her recommendatinos is to create a consistent sleep schedule with set bedtimes and wake times. With daylight savings time only a few days away, we asked Sheryl for some tips to help maintain healthy sleep patterns and a smooth time change transition.

Sheryl’s Tips for Adjusting Well to Daylight Savings Time Changes:

  1. In the Fall, you gain an hour of sleep on the first morning when you wake up; therefore, this transition is easier than Spring daylight savings time when you lose an hour. Take solace in that!
  2. About a week before the time change, it is best to move your sleep and wake time by 10 minutes a day toward the new time. Then by the day of the actual time change, it won’t be such a shock to your body since you’ve made a gradual adjustment.


By: Kim Kelder, Lead Aesthetician and Skincare Specialist

“Alphabet creams” like BB and CC creams have become increasingly popular lately, and it is not hard to see why. BB, CC, and DD creams are wonder creams that work as all-in-one skin care products with many varying benefits. I’ve created a breakdown of what each cream means and what they can do.

What is a BB Cream?
BB stands for beauty balm, and BB creams are essentially a blend of makeup and skincare. They work as amazing tinted moisturizers, packed with tons of benefits and SPF. BB creams smooth the skin, contain anti-aging ingredients, even out skin tone, moisturize, protect against sun damage, and give your skin a dewy, radiant look. A BB cream provides the least amount of coverage, so it's perfect for younger women whose skin needs a little pick-me-up. BB creams can also be used as a primer, moisturizer, and a foundation. At Miraval we recommend Clarins BB Skin Perfecting Cream with SPF 25. It is great for all skin types, and it comes in three different shades—light, medium and dark.


By: Andrew Wolf, M.S. E.D.


I just had the great pleasure to do my first Heart Rate Diagnostic (HRD) on a Miraval guest.  This is a new service that I am offering here at Miraval and I am really excited about it for many reasons.  In the HRD I have the unique ability to take the extra time that the client and I need to get a more comprehensive picture of where their cardiovascular fitness is and where a client’s heart rate should be in order to improve it. 

The key to this is something called cardiac drift.  If I were to get on a treadmill at four miles per hour at two percent grade something would happen.  My heart rate would quickly go up and level off.  However about 8-10 minutes later the heart rate would slowly start to drift up even though I was doing the same workout.  This is the phenomenon called cardiac drift.  By taking extra time to perform the sub maximal cardiovascular test I can take this effect out of the heart rate equation and give people heart rate guidelines that are much more “real world” applicable.


We are so excited to announce that each of our116 guest rooms at Miraval will now feature Definity Digital Good Night LED light bulbs designed by industry leading lighting technology firm, Lighting Science®. Miraval is the first U.S. resort and spa to offer Definity Digital LED lights in their guest rooms. When you visit Miraval, we know that you’re coming for a completely relaxing getaway. And, we know that it all starts with getting a perfect night’s sleep. Miraval specialist & registered nurse Sheryl Brooks has shared that the CDC estimates about 70 million Americans suffer from sleep issues. This number is frightening, as we all know how important sleep is to our overall wellbeing. This new Good Night LED light is the only one using technology developed for astronauts on the International Space Station that significantly reduces blue light so it won’t disturb your body’s natural sleep cycle.


We were so excited to have Chef John Cox at Miraval this past weekend as part of our Celebrity Chef Series! Chef Cox led participants through a gourmet, five-course meal during two Cooking Demonstration Dinners (see menu). Here are some of our favorite photos of Chef Cox working with Executive Chef Justin Macy and the rest of the Miraval culinary team. Enjoy!