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After months in the sun all summer, your skin needs extra attention and care—especially when it comes to hydration. We've picked these three treatments, from our extensive menu of services in the Life in Balance Spa, because they were each designed to exfoliate the skin and lock in moisture to give you a gorgeous glow for your entire body. Enjoy!

Hydrating Body Peel

A Clarins Miraval Creation 
An indulgent exfoliating treatment using botanical-based glycolic and salicylic acids that rids skin of impurities, while smoothing and softening the skin. Your therapist will apply an active exfoliating lotion to your body using a warm mitt; as it soaks in, it penetrates to your skin’s deepest level, removing dull surface skin cells to reveal the youthful skin beneath. Your rejuvenated skin is then treated to a full-body massage with an anti-aging balm rich in anti-oxidants. While lightly wrapped your therapist will stimulate your scalp with an invigorating massage, then focus on your feet, thereby concluding the treatment. You’ll feel renewed and refreshed from head to toe.


By: Kim Kelder, Lead Aesthetician and Skincare Specialist

Although summer is on its way out and we may be showing less skin, it is just as important to take care of your skin as we enter into fall. I’ve put together an easy DIY skin care ritual with products from Miraval’s Life in Balance Spa. Adding this body ritual into your weekly skin care regimen will keep your skin looking great all the way through the summer and into the fall.

1. Start with a dry body brush

   This is safe to use lightly every day to increase blood flow, circulation, and help exfoliate. I usually stand in the shower and brush up towards the heart, using it on the entire body.

2. Next, shower with Clarins Eau des Jardins Uplifting Shower Gel

The warm water releases soothing aromas and the lather is lightweight and gentle enough for the most sensitive skin.


By: Andrew Wolf, M.S. E.D.

People weight train for a bunch of different reasons.  Some people do it because they want to be huge.  This constitutes about one half of one percent of my clientele.  The other ninety nine and a half percent of the people  I meet here at Miraval are using weight training for toning, strength, healthy aging or as part of a weight loss program. 

For those of you not looking to get huge, resistance training can look really different.  Most of us think of clinking iron and grunting when we think of resistance training but in reality that Yoga class you just came from is a form of resistance training.  When expand the parameters that define resistance training it gets more appealing to more people and you open up the conversation to new ways of doing things.  


Known as one of the most in-demand celebrity and editorial manicurists, Deborah Lippmann is an innovator in the field of nail health. Check out Deborah's Pinterest board of celebrities that she has "held hands" with!

We are so excited to announce that the first ever Deborah Lippmann Salon will be opening inside Miraval's Life in Balance Spa on October 1, 2013. This collaboration brings high fashion nail lines together with the Miraval touch to create one-of-a-kind nail care rituals offered only at Miraval. The new decadent services, developed under this partnership empower a unique nail and skin health assessment that customizes your manicure or pedicure to promote long-lasting nail health with beauty.

NEW Services from Deborah Lippmann and Miraval:

Deborah Lippmann Signature Manicure
Our Miraval Manicure has set a new standard for healthy nail care. To leave your nails stronger, smoother, and more hydrated we begin with a nail analysis to properly address your specific nail needs. Let your senses escape to the tropics as your hands and arms are smoothed using a grapefruit and sea salt scrub to refine the skin. Further enhancing the silkiness, your arms and hands are massaged with a warm blend of vitamin E, pure white jojoba and coconut oil, relieving dry skin. To seal in moisture, your hands and arms are then massaged with a shea butter and avocado oil hand cream with broad spectrum SPF to help leave you protected from harmful UV rays.
Deborah Lippmann Signature Pedicure
A sweet selection for those who wish to be perfectly pampered, our Signature Pedicure will treat the most overworked feet. Our nail analysis sets this treatment up to specifically address your needs. Begin your pampering with a relaxing foot soak in a rosemary and aloe soaking elixir. A heated leg wrap infused with a blend of vitamin E, pure white jojoba and coconut oil follows your foot soak to further prepare the skin. Our warm grapefruit and sea salt scrub is then applied to exfoliate and soften your feet and legs. To perfect your pedi, we apply a kokum butter and aloe vera nourishing foot cream to smooth and soothe your soles. This pedicure is paired with an Organic African Nectar Tea.


We were so excited to have Chef Mindy Segal at Miraval this past weekend as part of our Celebrity Chef Series! Chef Segal led participants through a gourmet, five-course meal during two Cooking Demonstration Dinners (see menu). Here are some of our favorite photos of Chef Segal working with Executive Chef Justin Macy and the rest of the Miraval culinary team. Enjoy!