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We are so excited to welcome Celebrity Chef Mindy Segal at Miraval this weekend (Friday, September 13 & Saturday, September 14). When it comes to pastry, Mindy Segal is right at home. With 20 years of crafting sweets under her belt, Segal combines her innate instinct for flavor combinations with her commitment to seasonal, local, and sustainable products. The result is desserts that are truly American; each creation is rooted in time-honored nostalgia, executed with a focus on quality, and innovative from just the right touch of contemporary twist.

Chef Segal has clocked time at some of the most esteemed kitchens in the country. After earning her culinary degree at Chicago's Kendall College, Segal landed the pastry assistant post at Ambria working under Chef Judy Contino, whom Segal credits as her biggest influence. She then moved on to refine her craft in the iconic kitchens of Spago, Gordon, and Charlie Trotter's, before eventually helping Chef Michael Kornick launch his successful River North eatery, mk the restaurant. As mk's head pastry chef, Segal developed a loyal following for her desserts like One Banana Two Banana and Cake-n-Shake, while earning her numerous accolades from local and national media.


By Tina Powers, Medium

If you are reading this, your Intuition has brought you to Miraval's Mindful Blog for a reason. Perhaps you are in need of a rest, are searching for answers in your life, or just feel a change coming. I firmly believe that our Intuition is our inner compass and that although we should listen to ourselves, we are socialized to listen to others for validation. Often, we do what others think we should do, instead of what we know is best for us. It is a process to get back to our own thoughts and feelings—our inner knowing.

Other people are great for bouncing ideas off of and to help and support us on our journey, but truly, we are the only one who knows deep down what our soul desires. It is my hope to help people learn to trust themselves and the signs we are all constantly receiving from this world and other realms.

Much of the outer world compares and contrasts everything, which can leave us feeling out of sorts, but when we are firmly our authentic selves, our lives start to unfold in a unique and divine way. All of us want to feel the synchronistic flow in life which comes from inward listening. I believe everything that happens to us is a building block for growth—through both good and difficult situations; this is truly how we learn about ourselves and decide to grow and change.



WorldLifestyle.com recently spoke with our Creator of Equine Programs, Wyatt Webb, about his unique Equine Experience at Miraval. We love what he had to say:

“What makes this particularly powerful is that horses aren’t genetically programmed to be around people. They don’t want anything from us. They read the energy of the people and things they’re around, and they determine whether it’s safe or unsafe,” Webb explains. “So for them to cooperate, they need to determine the safety levels for that. If someone is being disingenuous or hiding something, the horse won’t cooperate. Only when people are being genuine does the energy flow.”

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Wyatt began facilitating group therapy sessions in 1991 and has developed Miraval's signature Equine Experience over time. The Equine Experience provides profound insight into communication within relationships. Working on the ground with specially selected horses, guests begin to see patterns of learned behavior that may be working against them. Guests at Miraval can also join Wyatt for one of his four-day Equine Experience Immersions. Wyatt will devote six hours each day of very focused personalized attention to help participants challenge learned behaviors, correct false beliefs, and rediscover their authentic self.

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Purchase books by Wyatt Webb: It's Not About the Horse, What To Do When You Don't Know What To Do

In an effort to continue its commitment to sustainability, Miraval is delighted to announce the addition of a state-of-the-art water reclamation facility. Designed to treat up to 50,000 gallons of waste water per day (approximately 30% more treatment capacity than existing system) into the highest Reclaimed Water Quality Standards (A+).The new system will allow for 99% of the treated water to be available for reuse or recharge; thereby reducing potable water demand and benefiting the groundwater aquifer.


September 2013 Recipe of the Month

We chose this recipe from the September chapter of Mindful Living by Miraval as a nod to the fact that fall is coming and that we are switching from late summer vegetables to the more gourd-like produce associated with autumn. The butternut squash adds an almost velvety texture, smoothly hiding the absence of cream and cheese in the dish and providing the decadent "mouthfeel" of a classic risotto. This recipe is hearty enough to be served as a main dish or as a complement to your favorite meat or fish entrée. Enjoy!

Butternut Squash Risotto

Yield: About 3 Cups, Serving Size: 1/2 Cup

  • 1/2 average-size butternut squash (about one pound before cooking, about 1 3/4 cups after peeling)
  • 1/2 tsp. garlic, minced
  • 2 Tbsp. yellow onion, chopped
  • 1/4 tsp. Miraval Oil Blend (3:1 mix canola oil and extra-virgin olive oil)
  • 1 cup arborio or carnaroli rice, dry
  • 4 cups hot vegetable stock
  • 3 Tbsp. chardonnay wine