Entries for month: January 2014

By Anne Parker, M.A. 

Simplifying your life is fundamentally about the willingness to make choices about where you put your attention and energy. Typically, when we feel overwhelmed and have the desire to simplify, it’s because we are attempting to do too much and have expectations that are not reasonable, which leads us to put  energy into distractions – activities that don’t support our true goals and intentions.

These ideas apply to all aspects of our life – personal and professional. Simplifying requires us to shift habits and expectations. To simplify we must make different choices and be willing to accept the ramifications of those choices when they are comfortable and when they are uncomfortable. 


One of our recent guests Christine Hassler shared her experience with Wyatt Webb in her video blog. As many of you know, "It's Not About the Horse with Wyatt Webb" is a unique experience where Miraval guests must communicate clearly and show their authentic selves by working with horses at our Purple Sage Ranch as energetic mirrors of themselves. Self-discovery is inevitable when you let down your guard and let your true feelings shine. 

We encourage you to watch this video blog where Christine shares about her experience in detail. We hope to see you at Miraval soon! 

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