By: Sheryl Brooks, R.N., N.C.M.P.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month - Spread the word, because friends help friends prevent breast cancer!



These roll-ups are essentially small burritos, filled with hearty ingredients and topped with a zingy salsa that serves as a contrast to the earthiness of the lentils and portobello mushrooms.


By Andrew Wolf, M.S. ED. Exercise Physiologist

When you think about exercise in regard to disease prevention it is important to keep in perspective the simplicity of exercise.  If you think about it, all exercise can be broken down into how many calories you burn when you do that exercise.  It is important to think of exercise this way because when you want to talk about “how much exercise” you are really asking “how many calories”.  The other thing to keep in mind is the unimportance of what you do today and the importance of how much you have done this week.  Think of exercise as an accumulation of calorie burning that occurs over seven days not whether or not you did 30-45 minutes on the treadmill today. 


By Leigh Weinraub, Action Based Therapist

Choice:   noun     

  1.     the opportunity or power to decide between two or more possibilities
  2.     the act of choosing    


By: Junelle Lupiani, R.D.

Question #1

What are your thoughts on juice cleansing and detoxing via food/drink in general?

I think our body does a wonderful job of cleansing and purifying itself on its own.  Our job is to focus on a good nutritional intake, regular exercise and limiting other unhealthy habits so that the body can keep itself clean without going to more extreme measures, like a detox program.  However I do find that some people find a detox/cleanse is a great way to kick off or begin positive lifestyle changes, like beginning a healthier intake for the long term.  And if that is the focus, to use it in order to change behavior or act as motivation for positive lifelong change, then I am all for recommending it.