By Leigh Weinraub, Action Based Therapist

Choice:   noun     

  1.     the opportunity or power to decide between two or more possibilities
  2.     the act of choosing    


By: Junelle Lupiani, R.D.

Question #1

What are your thoughts on juice cleansing and detoxing via food/drink in general?

I think our body does a wonderful job of cleansing and purifying itself on its own.  Our job is to focus on a good nutritional intake, regular exercise and limiting other unhealthy habits so that the body can keep itself clean without going to more extreme measures, like a detox program.  However I do find that some people find a detox/cleanse is a great way to kick off or begin positive lifestyle changes, like beginning a healthier intake for the long term.  And if that is the focus, to use it in order to change behavior or act as motivation for positive lifelong change, then I am all for recommending it. 


The transition from summer to fall can inspire amazing recipes. Sweet corn is usually considered a summer treat, but you can usually still find it at your local grocery stores at this time and it helps create amazing fall foods, like soups and chowders. This recipe comes from Executive Chef Justin Macy and is featured in Miraval's Sweet & Savory Cookbook

"Roasting the corn over a gas flame or grill gives it a toasty flavor that, when paired with the chilies, gices this soup a nice Southwestern flavor. Even with the kernels removed, corncobs are loaded with sweet corn flavor, so I simmer one of them with the broth for a richer result."


Looking for some inspiration to introduce juicing into your life? Take advice from our Culinary team and try these amazing juices found daily at Miraval's Palm Court.


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