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By: Kim Kelder, Miraval's Skin Care Specialist

The summer heat is upon us and we know that can be devastating for our makeup. Kim is the Skin Care Specialst here at Miraval. With her skin care expertise we were eager to know what items she always keeps on hand. Here is what we found.


8 Principles to Create the Life You Truly Desire

We are so proud to announce our newest book by Miraval Specialists TejPal and Dr. Carrol McLaughlin!  Manifest Moment to Moment offers guidance on how to live the life you long for.  In this book Tejpal and Dr. McLaughlin share 8 practical ways to "get unstuck" and manifest the life you truly desire. 


20% off Cactus Cream Products all Summer Long!

One of the ways to stay hydrated in summer is to make sure to moisturize and nourish your skin. Miraval's exclusive Cactus Cream collection of products is the answer and right now the entire collection is on sale!


Detoxifying wraps are a great way to nourish and rehydrate your skin while also removing impurities, but why wait for your next Miraval trip to enjoy these benefits, when you can do them at home?

Our Detoxifying Botanical Body Wrap can be done at home with a little advanced preparation. A great change-of-season body renewal to enliven the mind and body!



By TejPal, Brennan Healing Practitioner, M.A., M.B.S.

Most of us operate on the mental physical and emotional levels but are less practiced in integrating the heart and spiritual dimensions. When we first begin to receive intuitive thoughts or our first glimmers of what our life purpose might be, we often don’t trust them. Guidance from our heart and emotional centers comes to us like a different language, one we don’t completely understand yet. I say follow it anyway, and don’t worry about having every step of the journey planned out.