By TejPal, Brennan Healing Practitioner, M.A., M.B.S.

Most of us operate on the mental physical and emotional levels but are less practiced in integrating the heart and spiritual dimensions. When we first begin to receive intuitive thoughts or our first glimmers of what our life purpose might be, we often don’t trust them. Guidance from our heart and emotional centers comes to us like a different language, one we don’t completely understand yet. I say follow it anyway, and don’t worry about having every step of the journey planned out.

Tap into your internal spiritual guides with these four practices.


Meditation practice is the single most powerful spiritual tool available. Choose your meditation practice based on your physical experience. Your physical body, not your mind, will tell you right away if this practice is food for you. As Tejpal suggests, begin with short, regular sessions over 40 days and then reevaluate.


Give yourself permission to try new things without judgment. “Don’t predict how something is going to work out,” says Tejpal. “Just give it a try.”


Associate with people who accept that intuition is a natural and important part of life. “If your friends listen to their gut feelings,” says Tejpal, “you’re more likely to as well.”


Another easy and effective tool is writing down your thoughts, especially if you don’t censor what comes up and instead allow your subconscious mind to reveal itself on paper. Keeping in mind Tejpal’s advice about getting all five life components working together, you might want to start by using your journaling time to explore the following questions.

  • In the physical realm: What gives me energy?
  • In the emotional realm: What brings me joy and pleasure?
  • In the mental realm: What am I curious about?
  • In the heart realm: What gives me compassion?
  • In the spiritual realm: What is my life’s purpose?

List every idea that comes to you, even the ones that seem silly or too simple. We know what we need to bring into our lives, what will heal us and lead us to our joy. Sometimes you just have to ask yourself and wait for the truth to tumble out.

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    Love TejPal! In one sentence she gave me clarity of purpose

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