Today is National Nelson Mandela Day and here at Miraval we are committed to the call to make a difference in the world.  Here are 5 ways you to can contribute to the cause of serving others!

#1 Smile

This is a great habit to embrace in as many moments of your day as possible. You never know who needs positive encouragement and your smile might just be what they were looking for! This is also helpful in keeping you feeling good throughout your day, so smile away!

#2 Help someone achieve a goal

People often struggle with where to start or how to move foward with their goals. You may have the insight that they need to get a jump start. If someone looks puzzled or seems stuck engage them in conversation and see if you can't offer some advise. Helping another person make progress with their goals may help spark up a new goal for yourself!

#3 Listen intently in conversation

Conversations and communication can be difficult at times and in order to make it work and to serve others in communication it is to truly important that you be mindful and present. Others will feel valued that you took the time to listen and hear them out. You can learn more about how to engage in mindful communication in Anne Parker's Mindful Relationship session.

#4 Volunteer in your community

This likely came to mind when you first thought about serving others and it’s a classic example of course.  There are many ways to do this through programs, organizations, clubs, groups, community associations and any other activities in your community.  Do some searching around your community.

#5 Share your creativity

Creativity sparks new ideas in others and ideas trigger change, growth and hope.  Sharing your creativity with others serves these same results and is a great way to connect with people as well.

Join us and be an advocate for change and serve someone today!

Learn more about our Miraval Gives Back Program >

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