By: Kim Kelder, Lead Aesthetician and Skincare Specialist

Although summer is on its way out and we may be showing less skin, it is just as important to take care of your skin as we enter into fall. I’ve put together an easy DIY skin care ritual with products from Miraval’s Life in Balance Spa. Adding this body ritual into your weekly skin care regimen will keep your skin looking great all the way through the summer and into the fall.

1. Start with a dry body brush

   This is safe to use lightly every day to increase blood flow, circulation, and help exfoliate. I usually stand in the shower and brush up towards the heart, using it on the entire body.

2. Next, shower with Clarins Eau des Jardins Uplifting Shower Gel

The warm water releases soothing aromas and the lather is lightweight and gentle enough for the most sensitive skin.

3. Step out from the water and apply Clarins Relax Body Treatment Oil

Pour a small amount of the Relax Oil in your hands and apply on the entire body (on damp skin). Then, rinse with cool water, step out of the shower and pat dry.

4. Apply Clarins Renew Plus Body Serum on dry skin

This will help smooth and hydrate dry skin. This serum also contains Vitamin A for exfoliating and cellular turn over.

5. Finally, hydrate with Clarins Extra Firming Body Lotion

It will lift and tone the skin. Try and apply this lotion all over the body at least three times per week.

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More about Kim Kelder

Kimberly Kelder is Miraval Resort & Spa’s Lead Aesthetician and Skin Care Specialist with over 18 years of experience—13 of those years at Miraval. After receiving her first facial, she was mesmerized by the way her skin felt and looked.  Kim quickly realized that she wanted to learn how to make other people feel as transformed as she did. She studied at Allure College of Beauty in Tucson, Arizona specializing in Aesthetics.

Kim gives a weekly skincare lecture at Miraval and educates guests on how to properly care for their skin and how to make skin care a realistic priority in their lives. Kim is most passionate about teaching guests how to have healthy skin in a holistic setting. With so many products and treatments on the market, guests are often confused and overwhelmed. Kim teaches guests how to make the best choice for their skin at any age and during any season. She customizes her skin care recommendations and regimen to suit the guest’s individual lifestyle and demands, to maximize and maintain healthy skin.

4 responses to “A Skin Care Ritual for the End of Summer”

  1. Sylvia Estrella Says:
    Thank you Kim for you great advise. I will definitely try this routine!
  2. Bernadette Altamirano Says:
    Hi Kim,
    Am a friend of your mom's, who is so proud of you, she sent me this email. WOW, I can see why she smiles radiantly when she speaks of you. Your advice for skin care is perfectly timed, with the dryness of our warm summers still being dealt with. Are the products you recommend available for ordering online?
  3. Donna Nizolek Says:
    I imagine Arizona weather can do a number on the skin and your complexion is certainly a good advertisement for Miraval. They are lucky to have you represent them!
  4. Donna Says:
    Hi Kim - great tips and also applicable to winter skin (especially where I live)...and I love Clarins Body Treatment Oil and Firming Body Lotion.

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