For thousands of years Native Americans have used their horses as the backdrop for their stories. With the side of the horse as their canvas, indigenous people shared their stories of triumph, loss and life with the stroke of a brush. Here at Miraval we have created a special class that allows our guests the same outlet.

Join us for this fun and thought evoking class to tell your story in a unique and creative way! Horses are creatures of the present and do not wade in the past or get stuck dreaming of the future, so with the help of these mindful beings you will be able to tell your story while being reminded that no time is better than NOW!

NOTE: All paint is non-toxic and safe for humans and horses

Watch this video to find out more about this creative new experience:

Check out some of the great art created by our guests:

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  1. Sandra Bennett Says:
    Second time at Miraval...still awesome. Best thing was a surprise.... PAINT A HORSE!! Truly full of wonde

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