Miraval is saying thank you to our amazing fans and followers with a a Month of Mindful Giving! We will have a weekly giveaway of prizes that will enhance your mind, body and spirit—all leading up to the Grand Prize of an ultimate Miraval expereince!


Congratulations to our Week One Winners: Frederick Rotzien, Mitra Harris, Kristen Heintz Ventrillo, and Katherine Gray! Remember to enter the Month of Mindful each week for your chance to win amazing prizes this month! http://mindfulgiving.pgtb.me/6q2xH7

The first week to enter starts December 1st! 4 winners will receive our "Mind" prize package which includes:

  • 50-minute Phone or Skype Health Coaching Consultation with Sheryl Brooks, R.N. 
  • A signed copy of Mindful Living by Miraval — a month-by-month guide to help you more fully celebrate each moment in your life. Twelve Miraval specialists ranging from exercise physiologists to chefs to spiritual healths bring their expertise to chapters centered on the key tenets of the Miraval philosophy, such as balance, joy, and developing the ability to overcome obstacles.
  • Coach Leigh Weinraub's exclusive tote bag with her wellness manifesto to inspire you to make healthy change in your life.
  • A signed copy of It's Not About the Horse by Wyatt Webb, creator of the Miraval Equine Experience and equine therapist for more than 30 years.
  • Miraval Album: "Mindful Listening"
  • Set of Miraval Notecards
  • A Miraval sustainable tote bag that folds into the size of a deck of cards for easy travel. 


Upcoming Prizes, check Miraval's Facebook Page each week for prize reveals:

  • Week 2— 3 winners will receive our "Body" prize package! Revealed on Sunday, December 8.
  • Week 3— 2 winners will receive our "Spirit" prize package! Revealed on Sunday, December 15. 
  • Week 4— 1 winner will receive our GRAND PRIZE of an ultimate mind-body-spirit experience with a trip to Miraval for two on the all new Anything Goes Package, two American Express gift cards to use towards airfare or other travel expenses, a Miraval bedding ensemble for your home, and Miraval's Signature Cactus Cream Collection!

How to Enter:  


25 responses to “Announcing the Month of Mindful Giving”

  1. Jill Eisfelder Says:
    Sounds great but how do those of us who are not on Facebook participate?
  2. terese lenz Says:
    not everyone is on facebook
  3. Kent Bader Says:
    I don't belong to Facebook or Twitter. How do I sign up?
  4. MP Crosson Says:
  5. Greg Mirow Says:
  6. Deb Mirow Says:
    i wish
  7. sharon buaas Says:
    Looking for Month of Mindful Giving.
  8. Mary Gunn Says:
    This would be a great contest to win
  9. Alice Blannett Says:
    Coming to Miraval is something I have wanted to do for a long time. We have heard from friends how life changing the experience can be.
  10. Teresa Says:
    I do not do Facebook or Twitter. Is there any other way to enter?
  11. Charlene Bish Says:
    love it
  12. Valerie Simons Says:
    I need some thought changing moments!
  13. Anne Rutter Says:
    miraval been there 2 x's, can't wait to return
  14. Anne Rutter Says:
    Mindful giving
  15. Anne Rutter Says:
    This is Fantastic
  16. Lisa mazur Says:
  17. Juanita Olson Says:
    I would love to become mindful at Miraval.
  18. Laurie Higgins Says:
    I live the months if mindful giving. I try to give all year, and love companies that go as well.
  19. Maria Carina Platon-Angeles Says:
    Joining the Month of Mindful Giving from Miraval Resort!
  20. Miraval Marketing Says:
    Hi all- The Month of Mindful Giving exists on our social media channels (Facebook and Twitter). If you do not have a Facebook account, you can enter to win each week by emailing Miraval's Online Marketing Manager directly at lperess@miravalresorts.com. Good luck!
  21. MARY MOUGEOT Says:
    Great giveaway, thanks!
  22. Sheila Berkowitz Says:
    I would love to become mindful at Miraval Resort!
  23. Lori Goggans Says:
    A wonderful experience, much needed!!!
  24. Lori Goggans Says:
    Miraval helped me to pamper myself after a devastating life event! Thank you! I'm a survivor!!!
  25. Donna Psaltis Says:
    I remember hearing about Miraval on Oprah, I don't know how long ago that was but it looked like a magical place to be. I hope I win the trip but if it's not to be I hope the person who needs it the most wins!

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