By: Kim Kelder, Lead Aesthetician and Skincare Specialist

Many Miraval guests tell me that they simply don't have enough time to incorporate good skin care into their routine. But, there are so many quick and easy ways to improve your skin! Here is an easy 10-minute morning makeover for your skin. 

 Exfoliate with a gentle scrub in the shower to slough off dead skin and reveal a fresh glow. Clarins has a great One-Step Exfoliating Cleanser with Orange Extract.

•  Apply an eye cream to help soothe, calm, and reduce puffiness around the eye area. I recommend the Clarins Extra-Firming Eye Wrinkle Smoothing Cream, it has a great anti-aging effect!

 Apply a BB cream to help even out skin tone and re-hydrate skin. The BB Skin Perfecting Cream by Clarins is great and even has SPF 25!

•  Use a bronzer to get a healthy glow and bright complexion. The Bronzing Duo Mineral Powder Compact by Clarins has white tea extract, vitamin E, and SPF 15.

•  Finish with a lip gloss to smooth and plump your lips. I recommend the Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector by Clarins.

More about Kim Kelder

Kimberly Kelder is Miraval Resort & Spa’s Lead Aesthetician and Skin Care Specialist with over 18 years of experience—13 of those years at Miraval. After receiving her first facial, she was mesmerized by the way her skin felt and looked.  Kim quickly realized that she wanted to learn how to make other people feel as transformed as she did. She studied at Allure College of Beauty in Tucson, Arizona specializing in Aesthetics.

Kim gives a weekly skincare lecture at Miraval and educates guests on how to properly care for their skin and how to make skin care a realistic priority in their lives. Kim is most passionate about teaching guests how to have healthy skin in a holistic setting. With so many products and treatments on the market, guests are often confused and overwhelmed. Kim teaches guests how to make the best choice for their skin at any age and during any season. She customizes her skin care recommendations and regimen to suit the guest’s individual lifestyle and demands, to maximize and maintain healthy skin.

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