By Neil McLeod, Head of the Outdoor Adventure Program at Miraval

Do you think of challenge as a scary word? The dictionary defines it as “calling for the full use of one’s abilities in a difficult but stimulating effort.” Unfortunately, we often get so bogged down in the “difficult” part of the definition that we overlook the “stimulating” part and forget that challenges can be absorbing, intriguing, exciting, and most of all, fun.

The power of challenge is that it takes you beyond your day-to-day norm. For Miraval guests, this can mean leaping from a plate-sized disk 25 feet in the air, working their way across a desert tightrope, or climbing an oversized ladder with rungs five feet apart. Challenge is different for everyone, challenge is something that gets you out of your comfort zone. For some people the Equine Experience is a challenge. For others it might be something like the Spirit Flight, or even taking a fitness class like Zen Boot Camp that’s going to throw you into a completely different kind of workout than you’d get back home.

The challenge activities not only invite you to be mindful, they pretty much compel you to be. Although the challenges at Miraval are completely safe, they still force you to be present. Today we spend so much of our lives either regretting our past or worrying about the future that the experience of being utterly present in the moment is a revelation for many people.

Make today your revelation, live in the present moment and take that step out of your comfort zone you may be surprised at what possibilities arise.

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