Artist Diana Madaras

We are thrilled to welcome acclaimed artist Diana Madaras to Miraval! Although her art is well-known throughout the country, Diana is extremely popular in the Tucson area and her works can be found in thousands of homes here in Arizona. More than being an amazing painter, Diana is an incredibly lovely person and we are looking forward to having her work with our guests at Miraval. Here's a message from her...

My life is busy.  I run the galleries, develop new art products, meet customers, attend events, and paint. I yearn for quiet and tranquility and a chance to create without interruption; to shut out the noise of my busy world.

“Life in Balance” is just what the doctor ordered, and as I recover from a broken right hand (an artist’s worst nightmare), nothing could be better than a trip to Miraval. Today, for the first time since the accident 32 days ago, I was able to write.  I will start painting again this weekend with my right hand. 

After the accident, I longed to spend time in my new painting studio at home, so I’ve been painting with my left hand. I thought I would feel frustrated when I couldn’t make the strokes I wanted, but I found the experience to be peaceful and healing, and the paintings that resulted were emotional and satisfying. I was surprised I could do it!

I just finished the second left-handed painting titled, “Sorry, Mom.”  Tango looks as if he’s been crying. He was the one who pulled me down in the street when I broke my hand in four places. I know that he is very sorry!  I didn’t intend for Tango to seem so sad in the painting. Maybe I am crying through him as I cope with this injury.

When I was asked to join the Artist in Residence program at Miraval, I jumped at the opportunity. I will stay at the luxury retreat three times during the next six months and teach several workshops while I am there. It’s an opportunity to recharge and nourish, and then hopefully return more centered and balanced. Sounds like heaven!

My first trip to Miraval in 2000 was just as wonderful as my tenth trip this past May when my girlfriend and I spent the night there for her 60th birthday. On every trip, I’ve come away with new inspiration and insight, and I cannot wait to see what new revelations lie ahead. I am also excited to meet the workshop participants as we share this special journey together.

I will teach two workshops at Miraval and have included a description below. Miraval has been kind enough to give the Gallery an all inclusive one night stay for some lucky customer who enters the contest. Note: If you win, you can come to Miraval any time during the year—it doesn’t have to be during one of the workshop dates. Hope to see you soon and thanks to all of you for sending good wishes and cheer!

Miraval Workshops:
Masterpiece Made Easy
You will have the opportunity to create a masterpiece painting while experiencing the joy of immersion in the creative process. Begin with a Diana Madaras 12x16 canvas reproduction and paint on top of it or “enhance” the existing painting.  Diana will lead you step by step to enhance the color and depth of the canvas, and you can then add your own creative twist. Sign it and take it home- your own masterpiece to treasure forever.

Creating a Mandala
Create your own “Mandala” or carved block through the use of symbols carved within a circle that are meaningful to you.  Experience the joy of this ancient art using a soft linoleum block that makes carving easy. Diana Madaras will help guide you in choosing symbols and creating your own personal stamp. After the carving is complete, paint is applied to the block and then pressed onto paper to make a finished piece of art.  A mat around the piece gives it a finished professional look to take home and display.

Madaras Workshop Dates:
Nov. 16, 17, 18, 2012
Jan. 9, 10, 11, 2013
March 6, 7, 8, 2013

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  1. Kathie Serrapede Says:
    As an Arizonan who appreciates Diana Madaras' work, and a left-hander, I resonate to the artist's challenge and her focus on resolving it. I can't imagine doing anything with my right hand, much less something as demanding as painting. I face the day with renewed appreciation that all of my parts are working!

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