For those individuals meditating in caves and living in sacred communities, enlightenment is a way of life. But what of us mere mortals, who have careers, businesses, families and social obligations? How do we access that state of inner peace and deep fulfillment?

Research indicates that there is in fact a segment of the population that is "pre-wired" for enlightenment. With the proper knowledge, those that have a TypeE Personality®, find they can visit the mountain top while in the middle of a family event or business meeting.

Want to get a quick start on exploring the TypeE Personality?  Take the sixty second TypeE quiz to find out if you are one of the 5-10 percent of the population who are wired for enlightenment!  Click here to take the TypeE quiz.

Highly creative and passionate, the TypeE individual experiences a thin veil between the ability to reason and living with wild abandon.  Research shows that an interesting mix of theta brainwaves and a flexible physiology geared for intuitive assessments and inspired action make it easier for the TypeE person to court enlightenment and take the risks involved in achieving it.

Learning about and working with the TypeE Paradigm can give you a deep understanding of the unique contributions you bring to the world as you explore the scope of your personal and professional stage – private, local, global.

As part of Miraval’s focus on healthy, sustainable, mindful living we are pleased to present a new experience: The Entrepreneur's Guide to Enlightenment™ at Miraval This integrated program offers the transformational combination of all Miraval has to offer merged with exploring and utilizing the TypeE Paradigm. Watch the video and learn more here.

Here are a few comments from Miraval participants:

“It was truly a life-changing week, one I will look back on and see as pivotal in my life. I can't thank Heidi and Alex enough.”

"For me this retreat provided personal re-baselining and was a watershed event in personal growth”

“This retreat is for anyone who is ready and willing to truly look at who they are, what they are doing, and how they want to "be" within their life ~ business, professional/personal, other.”

Join Alex Giorgio and Heidi Nobantu Saul ~ April 14 - 19, 2013, when they will lead a small group of Miraval guests on a journey towards a clear sense of purpose, renewed feelings of inner peace and clarity about the choices that lead to an enlightened way of living and working.
Learn more about how Miraval was selected for this innovative new program in the previous Blog Article: Think you’re a Type A? You Might Actually Be a TypeE. Miraval helps you discover your enlightenment quotient!
Come play, learn and network while learning how to live Your enlightened life!
The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Enlightenment™ at Miraval ~ April 14 - 19, 2013


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