Your skin is the only thing protecting you from the outside world—keeping vital elements like moisture in and undesirable elements like pollution out. It's the body's largest organ, and nothing reflects your wellness—mental and physical—quite like the condition of your skin.

The Grounding Facial, a Miraval exclusive developed by Clarins, is a 70-minute journey into the world of plants, using 100% pure botanical extracts to deepen relaxation, ease fatigue, and shift you to a place of well-being. The facial beings with the placement of warm stones onto your skin to help relax facial tension and open the pores. Then, a botanical double cleanse dislodges embedded makeup and impurities, followed by a mood-lifting facial massage and hydrating mask. 

In Mindful Living by Miraval, our spa experts shared a simple way to re-create this Grounding Facial at home. Enjoy!


1. Start with an environment adjustment. Light a candle, put your hair up, turn on soft music, remove all your makeup, and prepare to tune out.

2. Place a small amount of gentle exfoliating cleanser onto your fingertips, and gently massage into your damp skin until it forms a lather. Exfoliate all around your face, avoiding eye contours. Rinse well with warm water, and then pat dry with a cotton towel.

3. Apply a mask such as the Clarins Beauty Flash Balm, which uses an olive-tree extract to smooth the skin's surface and eliminate signs of fatigue. Leave it on for 5 to 10 minutes, perhaps while you do a brief guided meditation, and then rinse and pat dry.

4. Rebalance your skin with a face treatment oil, choosing one made of pure plant extracts. Put a few drops of the oil on a steamed washcloth and then place on your face, slowly breathing in the aromatic essences. Not only does the warmth of the washcloth aid in the absorption of the oils, but it also helps you to relax. 

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