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Winter weather gets the best of our skin. Welcome in the warm weather by refreshing your skin with this at-home body scrub from Miraval's Mindful Living book.

What better way to do “out with the old, in with the new” than with a customized body scrub? The Miraval Flourish Body Scrub is designed to remove dead skin cells and then hydrate, firm, and soften the skin beneath.

The service begins with guests selecting their favorite scent from a variety of pleasurable options. Each is infused with sea algae, protein, and vitamin-rich antioxidants, all of which stimulate circulation and detoxify impurities within the skin.

 The spa therapist uses a mortar and pestle to blend your choice of scent with sea salt, and the mixture is then brushed on the skin. If you’ve experienced aggressive “sand blast” exfoliations in the past, you’ll be amazed by this gentle process. After the exfoliation, you’ll shower with a botanical gel in your chosen scent, and then return to the table for a light massage with organic oil.

A body scrub is an especially good treatment for the winter months, when dead skin cells tend to accumulate. After an exfoliation, you may be extra vulnerable to the sun and wind, so take precautions to protect your fresh, baby-soft skin.

Organic Flourish Body Scrub

Pamper and purify your skin at home with this easy-to-make salt or sugar scrub, which will stimulate circulation, detoxify, firm, and soften your skin.

Using a floral-scented massage oil of your choice, take a ½ cup of sea salt or granulated sugar and add just enough oil to make it pliable but not too oily (for safety reasons!). Apply in a gentle circular motion onto dry or moist skin while in the shower. Rinse off and pat skin dry. Finish with a similar scented body butter to lock in the moisture. This body beauty ritual can be done every two weeks to keep your skin revitalized, renewed, and radiantly flourishing. Miraval uses the following Red Flower organic floral essential oil–derived body oils for customized benefits:

French Lavender regenerative nutrients; skincell renewal to repair damaged/aging skin.

Icelandic Moonflower euphoria-inducing; vitamin-rich antioxidant; intensely hydrating

Japanese Peony highly absorbent and penetrating moisture; potent antioxidants

Moroccan Rose increasing elasticity, minimizing fine lines; repairing damaged skin cells

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