This week at Miraval, our guests had the distinct honor (and pleasure!) of meeting Dr. Marisa Weiss. Dr Weiss is a leading breast oncologist and the president and founder of She shared her passion and expertise about the topic and shared the findings of a 5 year intensive study between her foundation and Harvard Medical School. The findings were clear and there are steps you can take in your everyday life to lower your risk of developing breast cancer. Dr. Marisa Weiss and her team are now sharing a prevention message through’s Think Pink, Live Green initiative.

Here's a photo from her lecture at Miraval!


Dr. Marisa Weiss at Miraval

It was fitting that we hosted the lectures here at Miraval because what the Miraval team of wellness specialists teaches everyday is overwhlemingly relevant and in line with what Dr. Weiss and her team are teaching. Miraval is a great place to jumpstart a healthier lifestyle and embrace change.

Meet Dr. Marisa Weiss in this video below!

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