By: Deborah King

Five Easy Ways to Lose Weight

These days it seems that everyone is trying to lose weight, and many people struggle with weight issues their whole lives. Negative body image, especially for women, is one of the most common causes of low self-esteem in this country. Unfortunately, low self-esteem can cause weight gain and there are plenty of other activities and emotional issues that can contribute to a heavier-than-you’d-like physique. If you’ve tried sensible dieting and exercise plans without success, it might be time to consider a more holistic approach to shedding those pounds that addresses not just your body, but your mind, heart, and spirit.

Here at Miraval, I teach healing courses and workshops designed to heal you from the inside out, and to give you tools you can use after you leave these gorgeous ground to continue on your path to wellness. Your physical body always mirrors what’s happening in your personal energy field, and energy healing will clear blockages in your chakras, assist in releasing negative energy, and help you lose weight.

Here are five methods you can begin right now to start feeling and looking better.

1. Eat More Meals

I know this sounds counterintuitive. Eat more to lose weight? I don’t mean you should increase the amount you eat, but rather the number of times you eat each day. For example, split that turkey sandwich into two meals and have half at lunchtime and half in the mid-afternoon. Our culture generally eats three big meals a day when we should really be eating six or eight. Small meals help you feel satisfied, and when you avoid letting yourself get too hungry, you are less likely to overeat. Plus you feel less deprived, which is the downfall of many diets. Increasing your meals also helps stabilize blood sugar, which keeps you from grabbing those starchy, sugary snacks, and might even boost your metabolism.

2. Express Your Emotions

As children, we are often given sweet treats as “cures” for grief or disappointment, and that association between comfort and food persists into adulthood. The trick is to be aware of when you are eating your emotions. A few tell-tales signs are urgent and sudden cravings, especially for specific sweet, salty, or fatty foods, and mindless binges. Instead of drowning your sorrows in ice cream, try journaling to express what you’re feeling in a healthier way. Acknowledging and then freeing your emotions prevents that negativity from causing damage to your chakra system.

When we have an emotion but don’t process it, we end up storing it somewhere in our body. Without release it gets stuck in your chakras, creating blockages in your energy field that literally stop the flow of energy in your body. In time, that block is like a crimped hose—no energy gets through and it can manifest as physical ailments or weight gain. As a spiritual teacher and energy healer, I have seen enough to know that expressing your feelings is important for maintaining a healthy weight.

3. Reduce Your Stress

Stress wreaks havoc on you spiritually, mentally, and physically, and lowering your stress not only makes you feel better, but can also help you lose weight. The question is, how do you do it? My first recommendation is always meditation. Meditation slows your mind and body down, allows you to connect with Source, and brings a sense of peace that lasts not just while you meditate, but for hours after.

Along with meditation, deep breathing techniques called pranayama are extremely helpful in decreasing stress. There are many types of pranayama, but typically, no matter what style you practice, you inhale and exhale through your nose, and maintain fluid, regular breaths. This practice can help boost metabolism, and aid the body in removing toxins. Learning to breathe deeply also helps you utilize oxygen more efficiently, which improves your ability to exercise. Exercise is like a two-for-one towards weight loss since it directly aids in weight loss by burning calories and relieves stress.

4. Get Better Sleep

Weight loss is impossible if you’re sleep deprived, which most people are. Humans were designed to sleep when the sun is down, and our bodies still perform most optimally if we go to sleep before ten p.m. and get up before eight a.m. Experts recommend that you get between seven and nine hours of sleep nightly, but individual needs will vary. Find what works best for you to get the deepest sleep possible, even if that means sacrificing your late night TV watching. It will not only help your weight, but your mood.

Here are a few tips to help you sleep better: turn off all screens an hour before bedtime; keep your bedroom cool and completely dark (beware the blue glow from electronic devices—it counts as light); avoid alcohol or caffeine six to eight hours before bed; keep a regular sleep schedule. Once you start getting the amount of sleep your body needs, your weight will start to drop off by itself.

5. Turn off the TV

Spending a lot of sedentary time in front of a screen is not going to help you shrink your waistline. But it’s more than the fact that you’re not moving. Stress comes in many forms, even in what we watch at the movies or on television. Horror or fast-paced adrenaline movies can trigger the fight-or-flight response in your body, and a study found that people who feel unhappy after watching a sad movie ate larger amounts of food. People who watch more than an hour of television a day are more than 90 percent less likely to achieve their weight loss goals. Instead of watching television, go for an evening walk. Being active will reduce stress and support your weight loss.

You most likely noticed that all these tips are interconnected—TV can cause stress, stress causes sleep disruption, which causes emotional eating. Your whole being is interconnected, so healing your soul heals the body, and releasing emotional blocks releases energy blocks, all of which pave the way to weight loss and personal growth.

If you’d like to find out more about how to become a master of self-healing with Deborah’s Miraval workshops, click here.

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