Miraval's Nutritionist Junelle Lupiani lists her Top 5 "Must Try Experiences"

First Time Guests

#1 — Miraval Outback Hike

Miraval property is located within the Sonoran Desert and this 2 hour hike immerses you in it. Experience flora and fauna you will only find here and still be back before breakfast.

#2 — A Culinary Class or 2 

Everyone raves about the food so spend some time with our chefs in order to have some fun and learn a few things.  This is a great way to bring a piece of Miraval home. 

#3 — Take Home Thai  

Here with a partner? Try this duet massage where the therapist shows the 2 of you how to receive and give this awesome body work.  So worth it!

#4 — Get a Better Night’s Sleep 

Sheryl doesn’t just give you information about it, she helps you design a plan-of-action to improve your current sleep patterns.  She’s smart and practical.

#5 — The How of Change

This new offering with Anne shows you how to create successful and satisfying habits.  Very helpful for people here with weight loss goals. 

Return Guests

#1 — Introduction to Ayurveda

Clinton is offering this new workshop that might explain a few things about who you are and how you work.  Go learn about your constitutional type and have fun doing it!

#2 — Any of our new water classes

Aqua Box and Drills, Aqua Power Barre and Hiit The Water.  The heat is on and we’re ready for it!   

#3 — Himalayan Sound Bath

This is Pam Lancaster's incredible new group session,that incorporates sound, water, meditation and vibration.  Don’t take my word for it, check it out.

#4 — Artful photography with Your Camera Phone

Your smartphone isn’t just a phone.  Join Nancy for her new class where she shows you what that phone is really capable of. 

#5 — A Custom Meditation 

You’ve been to classes so now it’s time to develop your own home practice.  Sit down with one of our experts so you can work together to develop it.  It’s time.  


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