We have shared some of our spa secrets on the Dr. Oz show about how to keep your skin looking and feeling great and keeping your overall body in good health, even after your leave Miraval. These “Miracle Spa Potions” are quick and easy ways to keep up with the busy lifestyle and can also be made in the comfort of your own home.

The first Miracle Spa Potion comes from our partner Clarins. In the Miraval Life in Balance Spa with Clarins many of our treatments will be performed with Clarins high-powered botanical based products. Clarins has provided us with the Clarins Face and Body Treatment Oils, which are great for everyday use as they are composed of 100% pure plant extracts. These oils help prevent those fine lines and impurities which can cause blemishes on the face and skin.

The second Miracle Spa Potion is our Rose Water Toner which can help keep your skin from getting too dry, which can lead to wrinkles or too oily causing acne. This is a great toner to use on sun damaged skin, as it soothes and relaxes the skin. To make the Rose Water Toner you add one cup of rose petals to boiling water. Let it steep until it’s cool and then strain and squeeze all the liquid from the petals and place in a sterilized jar. Store the rose water toner in the refrigerator and use as needed.  You do not need to keep it in the refrigerator; however we do recommend applying toner in a cool state as it is more refreshing on the skin.

Our next Miracle Spa Potion is cucumber mint water helping to fight stress and replenish the skin’s moisture and balance. This is a great drink to have before or after a spa service, as your body always needs more hydration, especially in the summertime. You can make this at home by combining 1 English Cucumber sliced and unpeeled, 3 mint sprigs, half a lemon, and 1 ½ to 2 quarts of water. Allow about 20-30 minutes for all the flavors to infuse and serve. This serves as a fresh and soothing drink while also enhancing your skin tone.

Our final Spa Miracle Potion is an aroma to help soothe your mind, body and soul and can also fight insomnia. Essential oils are a key ingredient to many of our spa treatments, as they help you relax and open up your senses. At home this is great to use to help you sleep and fight fatigue, simply add 3 drops into your humidifier and sleep the night away.

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