What is Natirar?

We are delighted to announce the opening of Miraval at Natirar in late 2014 or early 2015. A luxury resort and spa situated on the Natirar estate in Somerset County, New Jersey, formerly owned by the King of Morocco, Miraval at Natirar marks an exciting new period of expansion for the Miraval brand. Located within the lush, rolling hills of a 500-acre park, less than an hour from New York City, Miraval at Natirar marks the next phase of the Natirar resort development project, presently consisting of the award-winning Ninety Acres Culinary Center, a 12-acre sustainable farm, banquet & catering facilities, and a private membership club.

Details of the project:

When complete, Miraval at Natirar will boast an 86-room luxury hotel with suites in Natirar's historic mansion, a state-of-the-art 20,000 square foot spa, a 10,000 square foot wellness pavilion, a 4,000 square foot yoga center, a spa restaurant featuring Miraval spa cuisine as well as a series of meeting facilities. Guests of Miraval at Natirar are also invited to experience Natirar's acclaimed Ninety Acres Culinary Center, which includes a premier culinary education facility as well as Ninety Acres, a celebrated farm-to-table restaurant that sources ingredients from the 12-acre sustainable farm surrounding the Culinary Center.

9 responses to “Miraval Announces New Property in New Jersey”

  1. Kim Says:
    I'm very excited to see Miraval opening in my backyard. I wonder why there is no mention of a stable or your horse therapy since the new spa location is a couple miles away from the US Equestrian Center?
  2. carol Says:
    Dying to be one of the first to visit.
  3. Linda Says:
    I have been to the one in Tuscon serveral. Times am in NJ often and can hardly wait until it opens.
  4. Marlene Levitt Says:
    I've been going to Miraval in Tuscon since 2000. I love it there but I am thrilled that they are opening a new Miraval a short car ride from my home in NJ. I can't wait. I'm so excited that I'd offer to help them build it !!!!
  5. Sheila R. Mitchell, LMT Says:
    BRAVA! While servicing a client yesterday at the PSE&G fitness center, I learned that this wonderful spa is bringing the experience to New Jersey. I am a Massage Therapist who started my career at the Equinox in Summit, NJ. I currently work for the Hilton in Short Hills, NJ at the spa eforea! I also work for Unilever and Premier Medical in Jersey City. IT WOULD BE A DREAM COME TRUE if I had the pleasure of interviewing with you for a spot on your massage team. I am highly proficient in a multitude of modalities and have been told that my hands are 'anointed'! ;) I can also be found on LinkedIn.

    Peace Luv Massage!!!
  6. Lisa Says:
    I'm from Long Island and have already visited the AZ location. It was the most amazing experience ever! I cannot wait for NJ to open...it's so much closer!
  7. Leila Says:
    Words can not express the thought of a MIRAVAL in NJ. I've visited the one in AZ and the experience was mind and body changing. Congratulations on the expansion I am sure this location will be as successful as the last. If the timing is right I plan to be one of your first guests. Again congratulations and all the best.
  8. ellen Holland Says:
    So incredibly happy to hear of your expansion to the east coast. I was fortunate enough to experience the life changing therapies that Miraval Arizona offered at the most difficult time in my life. Needless to say , Miraval help me find my way, Ive been recommending Miraval to patients and clients ever since 2008, now as an LMT in southern most NJ, I'm thrilled for everyone that you're more geographically accessible. Cant wait to visit myself. Thank You Kindly ,Ellen Frye Holland LMT
  9. Barbara Darwall Says:
    Delighted to hear this news. Please let me know as soon as reservations are open. I am a long time visitor and lover of Miraval, Tuscon.

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