Looking for ways to spend quality time with Mom for Mother's Day? Miraval is a wonderful place to getaway from the fray, take some time for pampering, and do it in a healthy, supportive environment.

Some of our favorite Mother-Daughter Activities:

Group Trail Ride

Trail Ride

What a better way to have a relaxing adventure? The Sonoran desert landscape is absolutely stunning and with Tucson's perfect weather, this is a great way to spend a few hours together making memories.

If you are unable to come to Miraval for Mother's Day, search for a ranch in your area that offers trail rides!

Hands-On Baking


In this interactive workshop, learn how to create delicious desserts for half the calories! Work directly from our Pastry Chef Kim Macy to create decadent sweets and, of course, sample your creations!

You can recreate a similar experience at home either with a cooking class in your area or even in your own kitchen! Simply find a few new dessert recipes online and spend the day exploring your baking skills together!

Rock 'n' Roll Tennis


Join Coach Leigh Weiraub for a fun, high-energy class with a soundtrack you'll love! Enjoy the feeling of letting go and just having a good time on the tennis court. Beginners are 100% welcome so this is a great way to try something new!

Tennis is a great mother-daughter activity. Find a tennis court in your area, grab your rackets and go play! Another fun option if you don't have a racket or a court, maybe try out that squash or handball court at your local gym! Even if you've never played before, get in there, get moving, and you'll probably end up laughing so hard you'll get a workout for your abs too!

For more info about a mother-daughter vacation at Miraval: see Specials and Packages



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