Miraval decided to spread the holiday cheer this year by participating in 12 Days of Giveaways on the Ellen DeGeneres Show!

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40 responses to “Miraval on The Ellen DeGeneres Show”

  1. Lucinda Brown Says:
    Miraval looks heavenly.
  2. Barbara Says:
    I would love to win this spa getaway i have a two year old and i go to dialysis three days a week when I'm only 20 i think i could use the pampering lol.
  3. jodi Maloney Says:
    Would loe to win this, ater both knees replced, I would love tojust relax and enjoy something that dos not cause me any pain. Thank U. Jodi
  4. teresa Says:
    wish i was going.....
  5. Crystol Scott Says:
    Love Ellen!
  6. cyndee Rodriguez Says:
    Pick me!
  7. C Moore Says:
    Saw you on Ellen's show. Dec.19
  8. Mary Harris Says:
    This would be a true blessing to be able to go to such a beautiful and relaxing place. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to go and enjoy Miraval resort and spa. Thank you and Merry Christmas to all.
  9. Vicki Stidham Says:
    Look so nice and the spa would be perfect for me.
  10. Sara Olson Says:
    I've never been to Arizona, so that's a plus! I also had back surgery at the end of 2007, and when I returned to work, 3 days later I was laid off. So, for over 6 years, I have not been able to work because of the surgery's not being completely successful, plus this would be awesome for my health.

    Thank you for your consideration!

    Sara Olson
  11. Karen Miles Says:
    I 've been by their and even called, beautiful place but could not afford it....
    This place looks heavenly! I haven't been on a relaxing vacation since my husband of 32 years passed away. I could use some much needed r&r...
  13. Anne arsenault Says:
    I love Ellen..and just saw this resort...wow..i'm from Canada...and have never traveled to the USA....this place looks so tranquille...would love to visit one day...would love the pampering!
  14. truly grace Says:
    Iam a single mom raising my 17 year old beautiful daughter. I would love to beable to take her to a spa day whichni could never afford. Love u ellen. Love your show. Merry happy Christmas.
  15. ebbie cardenas Says:
    I so need this, I work 2 full time jobs, single parent, and would love to finally relax. Thanks Debbie
  16. Theresa Harvey Says:
    Miraval would be a dream come true...
  17. Marjory Kummins Says:
    Pick me just turned 60 never had a spa treatment, but love AZ...would love to experience the pampered lifestyle!
  18. marjory kimmons Says:
    love the Ellen Show just turned 60 never been treated to a spa would love this opportunity!
  19. Victoria Says:
    Looks amazing! Definitely on Bucket list!
  20. Antonio Says:
    I love Arizona. One wish: Miraval spa!
  21. Susan Says:
    Desperately need time away. Would like to pamper my husband.
  22. Brenda Says:
    I wish to win because I didn't get my boys anything for Christmas I like to see them go.
  23. Teresa Roberts Says:
    Please consider my husband & I for this gift we've been thru so much this year & to recieve this gift would be a much needed blessing!
  24. Lori Says:
    I tell my husband all the time this is where I want to go before I die! We are so stressed by everyday situations. We will get there, I'm sure of it.
  25. Jan Wilkerson Says:
    Ellen has the best show with the best giveaways. I'm a career coach and I always suggest this to my clients as a get away to relax and open their mind to all the possibilities life has to offer. I would love to take my own advice!
  26. Nisha Says:
    I would love to go here to relax.
  27. veronica jones Says:
    A much needed vacation for me and my special guy.
  28. Liz Bru Says:
    This place is on my bucket list! Hope it comes true.
  29. Chris Says:
    Miraval looks amazing. My husband and I would love to go there for our anniversary. Thank you so much for the chance.
  30. Nandi Says:
    This is a huge blessing to anyone who wins a discount. I heard Alanis Morisette will be there in March!
  31. Marla Says:
    Miiraval would be a wonderful place to spend my 50th bday!!!!i work in education and could use a relaxing get away, I appreciate the chance to win!!!!
  32. Kathleen Keleher Says:
    Miraval would be a marvelous tonic for 2013.
  33. mayrlene thompson Says:
    Would love to win!
    Experienced severe abuse as a child that I have repressed all my life. Have been trying to rebuild my life again... if feel this would be a huge gain in my recovery. Love you Ellen Happy New Year to you!!
  35. Leslie Rathbun Says:
    Would like to go to Arizona.
  36. fennekieken Says:
    miraval is on my bucket list and would be great to be able to go and heal and this come true I am in Canada but adore her and hope ellen goes and selects all what has posted and shared their stories...
  37. Carol P Says:
    You know school teacher's are important people. We all deserve a little pampering. Thanks Ellen for thinking of us.

    Carol P.
  38. Rose Bolz Says:
    It would be wonderful to win and celebrate my birthday at miraval resort on January 9th.
    Thank you
  39. Debra Says:
    Looks like something I can do after dealing with my family
  40. Stephanie La Porta Says:
    Oooooooh would LOVE to go here! !!!

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