By Justin Macy, Miraval's Executive Chef

These 7 substitutions are great ways to reduce calories and fat without losing the flavor and consistency you love.


Craving eggs? Egg whites obviously are a lighter choice than whole eggs but if you cook them in a greased pan, you can still end up with 12 grams of fat. A better solution is to buy a quality sauté pan, which doesn’t require as much oil.


Cut the fat even further by using a mister or spray bottle instead of free-pouring oil from a bottle. Olive oil is heart-healthy, but too much of it can be a caloric bomb. A few spritzes with a mister can give you the same rich taste with far fewer calories.


Hold the mayo by substituting a mixture of three parts fat-free yogurt and one part reduced fat mayonnaise for great flavor with less fat.


Everybody likes peanut butter and you can maintain the same nutty taste and creamy texture by mixing conventional peanut butter with an equal amount of pureed carrots. The color is admittedly a little unusual, but you’ve cut the calories in half without halving the taste. Get our signature peanut butter recipe>


Creamy soups can be made without cream. Add pureed potatoes and rice milk to take the place of the high-fat, high-calorie cream. Try these soups>


Tofu makes a great thickener for smoothies, soups, and sauces; just puree and add the other ingredients. Then you can leave out the egg yolks and heavy cream that would normally provide the texture.


Thickened vegetable stock is a good substitute for oil in salad dressings, drastically reducing the fat and calorie count.

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