Although we continue to offer signature programs and services to our guests such as The Miraval Equine Experience (which has been around for 17 years), we continue to innovate and introduce new programs and services every month.

February is a special month because it marks the launch of our new culinary clinics. These new clinics were developed by Executive Chef Justin Macy and our Pastry Chef (also his wife!) Kim. We wanted to highlight some of our other new offerings that debut this month. Hope you enjoy! 

The Mindful Massage

Mindful Massage at Miraval

The SpaFinder Trends Report of 2013 named our new Mindful Massage as one of the trends to watch in 2013. This massage is based in the core philosophy of mindfulness that weaves through all the programs and services that make up the Miraval experience. Read this full description of the NEW Mindful Massage.


Coach Leigh Weinraub

This new lecture from Coach Leigh Weinraub will teach you how to become emotionally FIT. She shares techniques used by professional athletes to enhance their performance and stay focused on their goals and translates them into Her extensive knowledge and expertise working with college and professional level athletes Learn more about Leigh Weinraub...

Let's Talk About Sex with Sheryl Brooks, R.N.

Happy Couple at Miraval

A healthy and satisfying sex life is an important piece of your healthy lifestyle - and it's still possible even though you're not in your twenties anymore! Menopause symptoms, health issues, and changing body image may have caused you to avoid or neglect this part of your life. Share a private and comfortable conversation with Sheryl Brooks, RN about your questions and concerns regarding changing sexuality and intimacy in midlife. You'll leave the conversation with tips and information to keep it going or maybe even make it better than ever before! Look for the days this class is offered on our schedule of activities.

Want to read more from Sheryl? Sheryl Brooks was recently featured on the SpaFinder Wellness Blog: Learn 6 Tips to Increase Your Libido

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