The new Miraval Book Club offers an opportunity for on-property guests and Miraval fans at home to participate in an interactive and ongoing discussion about wellness, mindfulness, and life in balance. Each month, a Miraval Specialist will select a book of his or her choice and facilitate book club discussions about the themes presented in the selected book title. This month, Miraval Specialist, Sheryl Brooks, R.N., chose Tales of a Female Nomad by Rita Golden Gelman. 

How to Participate

The discussion questions below are intended to guide a discussion about Tales of a Female Nomad for Miraval fans and participants at home. Please post your thoughts, questions, reactions to the book, or even any feelings you had about Tales of a Female Nomad in the "Response" section below. We are so excited that both Sheryl Brooks and the author, Rita Golden Gelman will be facilitating this discussion and responding to your questions! We invite you to participate in this Virtual Book Club discussion through October 31, 2013. 

Discussion Questions

  1. Early in the book the author said, “I was crying for my lost spirit.”  Can you understand how a woman, who has lived what appears to be a full life, could feel that there is a part of herself, her spirit that feels lost? 
  2. Do you feel drawn to recapture some of your own lost spirit?  Would you consider thinking of and taking steps, big or small, that might begin your quest to reclaim it?
  3. The author said that when she began her travels, she thought her grown children didn’t need her anymore and was surprised to find that they wished she had been closer.  How involved do you think grown children want or need us to be in their lives?  To what degree should we limit our life choices to fit theirs?
  4. The author was eager to adapt to the cultures and way of life of the local people wherever she visited.  Do you think you would enjoy living in a completely different way, with all new people about you like she did?
  5. Do you admire the author’s curiosity and eagerness to learn?
  6. The author seems to always expects the strangers she meets to be friends that she hasn’t met yet. Do you feel that way?
  7. The author finds a new connection to herself and to her place in the world as she creates a life that is focused more on people and experiences and less on possessions.  Do you find that appealing or strange?  
  8. The author says she moves through the world without a plan and is constantly watching for serendipitous opportunities.  Would you be open to living more like that or do you need to follow a careful plan to feel in control and comfortable?  Do you believe you have control over most things in your life?


Why Sheryl Chose Tales of a Female Nomad

I started leading the discussion group, Sharing the Journey, at Miraval, because I kept hearing from so many of our midlife, women guests that they were feeling confused about feeling the urge to make changes in their lives. They usually weren’t sure what that meant, exactly, just that they want to create a different life going forward. They were on a journey of sorting out what to leave in, take out and add to their lives, but firs they were trying to figure out exactly who they are now and what would bring them joy. So, Tales of a Female Nomad is one woman’s story of how she changed how she lived, and began to go through the world in an entirely different way. She stepped out of her comfort zone of familiarity and found her joy and passions. I was inspired by her courage and curiosity and I think our Miraval guests will be, too. Would I do everything the author did? No, but the idea of simplifying and paring down my belongings and opening myself to new places, people and ways of life is exciting.

I’m looking forward to hearing what the readers think about the new lifestyle the author embraced when her old one didn’t fit anymore. What did they like about her new life, what didn’t they like, would they do it-why or why not? We all learn from one another when we share our individual ideas and look at something from our own unique perspectives. I think it will be a great place to share the different ways we can adapt to life changes when they come.

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1 response to “October Virtual Book Club: Tales of a Female Nomad”

  1. Rita Golden Gelman Says:
    Just thought I'd welcome anyone who stops by to make a comment. I'm currently trying to write a book about "connecting" while house-sitting in a cabin on Vashon Island. I am spending much more time staring at the water, the birds, the wriggling seals, and Mt. Ranier (when the fog lifts, which is rare!). I will check the site every few days and answer any questions. I'll be house-sitting at Jan's (my daughter)in Seattle for the month of November, while she and her husband are in South Africa. It's genetic!!!

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