Document your Miraval experience and see through a new lens. Here at Miraval Resort & Spa we offer a wide variety of activities involving photography for every skill level. Whether you have years of experience or just recently discovered a camera phone, we have something for you. And if being behind the lens is not your goal, then a private session with elite photographer Marion Kaufer will give you the experience of being in front of the lens.


National Geographic Workshop

  • March 27 - 30, 2014
  • April 24 - 27, 2014
  • September 4 - 7, 2014
  • October 23 - 26, 2014
  • December 4 - 7, 2014

Hone your skills in the warm shade of Arizona's Santa Catalina Mountains during a unique photo retreat at the acclaimed Miraval Resort and Spa. On daily excursions, photograph stunning mountain vistas, and the natural beauty of the Sonoran Desert. During a private evening performance, capture the unique shapes of a Navajo hoop dancer or the sweeping motions of a Folklorico dancer. Then enjoy the fabulous spa facilities; invigorating outdoor activities; and fresh, healthy cuisine at Miraval Resort & Spa.

This workshop is led by a National Geographic photographer and a professional instructor and is designed for amateurs who are interested in improving their digital photography. All participants must bring a digital SLR camera, a laptop computer, and software for organizing and presenting images. This workshop is limited to 25 participants.

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Capture Your Miraval Journey with Photographer Marion Kaufer

Beauty lies within our true selves yet many of us have shut down our own beauty and closed off our relationship with the self. Beauty is not defined by how we look; instead, beauty is a more sophisticated description of someone’s essence. In this session you will work with renowned photographer, Marion Kaufer, to reconnect with your inner beauty. Her genuine love for photography and open spirit make her the perfect partner to bring out your confidence and create a supportive and fun environment for a photo shoot. You will go home with a professional 8x10 photo of yourself and the ability to see yourself differently!

This session includes:

  •    Hair Styling & Make-up Application prior to photo shoot
  •    An 8x10 print of your choosing by mail
  •    Ability to order additional prints


Nothing requires living in the moment quite like taking a photograph. Work with Miraval's professional photographer Nancy J. Schroeder to design and customize a session that meets your personal photography goals. Really learn your camera functions: ISO, WB, Aperture and Shutter speed. You can capture the art Mother Nature has already sculpted by using the concepts of lighting, balance, and photo composition. Miraval cameras are available for use during this session.

Photography Hike

Enjoy the beauty of the Sonoran Desert in the Miraval Outback with professional photographer Nancy J. Schroeder as your guide. Nancy will work with you on Depth of Field, light and composition. Miraval cameras are available for use during this session.

Photo in Focus

In the fast-paced world we live in, it's easy to let the special moments pass you by. Take this unique opportunity to be more present, hone you skills and learn something new about the concepts of lighting, balance, and photo composition as well as camera functions. Miraval cameras are available for use during this session.

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Artful Photography with Your Camera Phone!

Learn how to create an image with any style camera...even a camera phone! Gain awareness of available/natural light and compositional elements to create a stronger more interesting visual image. Spend time strolling around the resort property capturing the unique Sonoran desert landscape and wildlife. Live in the moment and gain skills to take home with you. This will change the way you use your camera phone!

Evening Photography Walk

Learn basic digital camera operations and using your camera as a creative tool to capture the Resort environment in the late-afternoon light. Meet Nancy J. Schroeder, Miraval's photography specialist and learn more about private sessions with Nancy.

Photography In Focus

Get off of Auto! Explore the technique possibilities of your DSLR camera in a class on camera operation: ISO, WB, aperture and shutter speed. Please note that this is a technical skills class and takes place indoors.

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