Sheryl Brooks Miraval's R.N lists her Top 5 "Must Try Experiences"

First Time Guests

#1 — Attend Anti-Inflammatory Kitchen and learn how food choices can reduce your levels of chronic inflammation.

#2 — To understand why exercise and healthy aging go hand in hand add Less Is More: Intelligent Exercise For Graceful Aging.

#3 — Mindful Stress Mastery and Breathwork will help you begin your meditation practice.

#4 — Living in Balance Consult will give some new ways of understanding and responding to the challenges and changes of life.

#5 — Cool off and move your body in Aqua Power Barre, Aqua Box & Drills or HiiT the Water.

Return Guests

#1 — Fine tune your eating habits with one of the private nutrition consults.

#2 — The Vibrant Morning Massage will leave you feeling energized and your skin hydrated at any time of day.

#3 — Step out of your comfort zone with the Outdoor Adventure & Challenge event that appeals to you. The guides will help you amaze yourself.

#4 — Enjoy the beauty of the early morning desert with a Fitness Walk.

#5 — Experience the Spirit Essence Ceremony and reconnect with your true self and move toward a more positive way of living.

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