Miraval’s sleep expert Sheryl Brooks, R.N. helps guests learn about healthy behaviors and techniques to maintain the best quality sleep. One of her recommendations is to create a consistent sleep schedule with set bedtimes and wake times. With daylight savings time only a few days away, we asked Sheryl for some tips to help maintain healthy sleep patterns and a smooth time change transition.

Sheryl’s Tips for Adjusting Well to Daylight Savings Time Changes:

  1. In the Spring adjusting to daylight savings time can be a little more difficult when compared to the fall because you lose an hour.
  2. About a week before the time change, it is best to move your sleep and wake time by 10 minutes a day toward the new time. Then by the day of the actual time change, it won’t be such a shock to your body since you’ve made a gradual adjustment.
  3. When daylight savings time kicks in, you’ll notice that the sun seems like it rises or sets at odd times during your daily routine. Anything you can do to create bright light in the morning and dim light in the evening is helpful for sleep and will signal to your body to be alert during the day or relaxed in the evening.
  4. As you try to adjust to the time change, remember that Spring is coming! Your days should start to seem (literally) brighter, and the daylight will last a little longer. So kick those winter blues and welcome in Spring in good spirits!

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FUN FACT: Did you know that Arizona and Hawaii are the only two states that don't observe daylight savings time? That's right. Here at Miraval resort in Tucson this weekend, we won't be changing our clocks. That means that for part of the year, we are in the Mountain Time Zone but after this weekend, Arizonans will be in the Pacific Time Zone until the Fall!

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