By: Kim Macy, Miraval’s Pastry Chef

In Miraval’s newest book, Sweet & Savory Cooking, Executive Chef Justin Macy and his wife, Pastry Chef Kim Macy share their secrets for making delicious, healthy dishes. Here’s a sneak peek of some of Chef Kim’s easy tips to make your desserts with less fat and fewer calories. Pre-order Sweet & Savory Cooking now before it hits bookstores January 7, 2014 for more healthy cooking tips and one-of-a-kind recipes.

Sneak Peek of Sweet & Savory Cooking: Simple Tips to Reduce Calories and Fat in Baking• 

• For a virtually fat-free pastry crust, I make a meringue crust. It’s a light and airy alternative and made with egg whites, cream of tartar, sugar and a touch of vanilla extract. Be sure to only use no-bake fillings such as pastry creams, lemon curd or fruit compotes with this crust.
• For a creamy whip topping for any dessert, I make my pastry cream with nonfat milk as a low-fat alternative.
• To lower the fat content in muffin and cake recipes, use low-fat buttermilk to maintain moisture and craft a super-tender cake.
• To add more fiber yet reduce calories and fat, I use apple sauce, prune or banana puree in place of some of the butter or oil as it maintains the rich texture and flavor. My raisin bran muffins are the perfect size for a satisfying snack.
• For cream-cheese based icing, I like to replace traditional cream cheese with Neufchâtel cheese, which is a cream cheese-style cheese. It adds a delicious tang 30 percent less fat than regular cream cheese

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