Although Miraval has been awarded a Top 10 destination for traveling solo or for girlfriend getaways, Miraval is also an amazing place to come with a partner or loved one. Our relaxed, supportive environment is an ideal setting for you to reconnect with a loved one, reflect on your relationship, or just have fun together! In honor of Valentine's Day, we have chosen a few of our favorite activities for couples to experience together!

Take Home Thai Massage

Take Home Thai

Get to know each other in an entirely new way and discover the benefits of giving and receiving Thai massage. Take Home Thai consists of private instruction on how to massage your partner while focusing on their individual needs. Reap the benefits of Thai massage such as increased range of motion, release of tension, and increased energy flow, while learning how to communicate non-vebally and gaining trust.

Not only is the Take Home Thai workshop a fun activity for you to do together while you're on vacation, it's designed to be educational so that you can take the tools you learn home with you and help reduce stress, relieve tension, and soothe tight muscles for your parter (and he or she for you too!).

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Face to Face

Challenge Course at Miraval

Strengthen your relationship and improve how you communicate with Face to Face. You and your partner will support and help each other move across cables suspended 30-feet off the ground.

Miraval guests talk about this activity as being very eye-opening. The experience shows how you communicate with each other, how you trust each other, and how you work together to get through challenges. The tools you'll learn on the challenge course translate beautifully into other areas of your life.

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Duet Outdoor Calming Hot Stone Massage

Duet Massage

Just for two—the Duet Outdoor Calming Hot Stone Massage will truly relax you both with a combination of the grounding effects of hot stones with the power of botanicals. Share this soothing, balancing experience side-by-side.

The outdoor treatment rooms at Miraval are specially designed to incorporate elements of the desert landscape and give you the feeling of being outdoors in a temperature controlled environment for maximum comfort.

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  1. maryann moon Says:
    Miraval has always seemed to me it must be like paradise, I've always wanted to stay there for a week sometime. I love the idea of "mindful eating" their meditative practices, and massages that leave one feeling on top of the world, physically and spiritually, as well.

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