By Michael Tompkins, CEO Miraval Resorts

Mindfulness, the practice of being in the moment has been the single most impactful tool I’ve used as CEO in overseeing the operations at Miraval.  It’s helped to create a work environment where each person can thrive.  Here are “Ten Ways Mindfulness Increases Success and Wellbeing at Work”:

Ten Ways Mindfulness Increases Success and Wellbeing at Work

  1.  Stop and listen to how your body feels, is it achy or tired, tense or just plain blah?  Get up and go for a walk around the office and try focusing on something you haven’t seen or heard before, then let it go.  Your body and brain will appreciate the blood moving and your senses will be heightened.
  2.  Send a handwritten card to a coworker who did a nice deed for someone though not necessarily for you.  Noticing good deeds of others improves your work environment.
  3. Try sitting in a meeting and not participating verbally.  Be an active listener.  Honing on listening skills will help you pick up details in conversations you might otherwise have missed.
  4. Notice how you are breathing, is it deep or shallow?  During stressful situations we shallow breathe. Practice taking a few deep breaths before you need to confront someone at work on an issue.  Your blood pressure will be lower and will assist in keeping your frame of the conversation under control.  It will give you control of the situation before you begin it.
  5. When on a conference call where you are representing your business, remember to smile when you’re conversing.  Your emotions can be felt through the telephone line.
  6. Have a nutritious snack within reach of your desk.  Our brain requires vitamins to focus.  Think what you put in your mouth is fuel for your body.
  7. Do something crazy…tap dance into a coworkers space singing your favorite tune!  Fun is a key factor in enjoying what you do!
  8. Remember you always have a choice.  Often times without being mindful we forget that we have a choice.  How you execute on that choice is up to you but no issue is unable to be solved.
  9. First priority is the business, then come peers and employees, and then comes YOU.  Being mindful means knowing you are a part of the whole.  Don’t forget where you should focus in the hierarchy, no matter what your job title is.
  10. When all else fails, return to your breath.  It’s the one thing that brings us back to the now!

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