By: Andrew Wolf, M.S. E.D.

People weight train for a bunch of different reasons.  Some people do it because they want to be huge.  This constitutes about one half of one percent of my clientele.  The other ninety nine and a half percent of the people  I meet here at Miraval are using weight training for toning, strength, healthy aging or as part of a weight loss program. 

For those of you not looking to get huge, resistance training can look really different.  Most of us think of clinking iron and grunting when we think of resistance training but in reality that Yoga class you just came from is a form of resistance training.  When expand the parameters that define resistance training it gets more appealing to more people and you open up the conversation to new ways of doing things.  

This is why I have become so excited about band work.  Not the bands that you used to rehab your rotator cuff surgery but some of the new “resistance” bands.   These are bands that usually anchor in a doorway and can have resistances that go from 20-100 pounds per hand.  Suffice to say, if you need more resistance you can get it.

I love these things because they are radically portable.  You can do business travel with them, use them at home or even use them in the office if you have a door you can lock and no one is looking.  It also  opens up the possibility of a discontinuous workout.  Remember that there is nothing wrong with doing a set of chest presses, taking a 50 minute conference call and then doing another set of chest presses.  When it comes to resistance exercise your body just wants you to do it and not necessarily in rapid succession. 

The other neat thing about band exercises is that they are done standing.  This basically means that every move that you do creates core involvement.  So when you are done with your standing rows, chest presses, chops, and reverse lunges you don’t really have to take time for crunches because you already did them.  The notion of streamlining exercise so people are more likely to do it is really exciting for a guy who is always trying to get people to exercise. 

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  1. James Cooper Says:
    Great Post explaining the use of exercise bands in brief. Most of the important points are covered. A great push for the beginners!

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