Pam Trudeau Fitness Supervisor

by Fitness Supervisor Pam Trudeau

“OMG I had no idea” is what I hear quite often at the end of one of my “Balance” fitness classes. Whether you are 20 something or 80 something you’ve heard the phrase “use it or lose it” that truly pertains to your Balance system.

Fall prevention is the top of the list of reasons I began teaching the Balance class here at Miraval however it has quickly turned in to much more than that. Strength, flexibility, improved range of motion of your joints, and quite honestly plain old ability to perform your daily activities…Walking, cleaning, shopping, dressing…yes, dressing yourself. Try to stand on one foot while putting on a sock, shoe, or slipper on your other foot…are you stable? Do you wobble?

We are living to be 80, 90, even 100 years old with great ease. Once a person sustains a fall their quality of life can change dramatically. Fear of another fall or broken bone can keep people from enjoying a happy active life. This does not have to be your reality. Balance Conditioning does not have to be time consuming and quite honestly it can be fun!!! Next time you brush your teeth try brushing your teeth while standing on one foot. Once you master that, how about brushing your teeth on one foot with your eyes closed? Walking down the street or through a parking lot – don’t avoid those curbs – walk along the top of them…one foot in front of the other (safely of course!)

Look for the Balance class and other fitness classes on the daily schedule when you visit Miraval Resort & Spa!

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