By: Bonnie Johnson, Miraval's Makeup Specialist 

1. Get rid of bronzers, warm the face with natural colors on cheeks instead.

2. Pick ONE area on the face and go bold! Try bold smoky eyes with soft lips, or bold bright lips with natural eyes.

3. Color liners are here to stay—try a purple or charcoal color this fall.

4. Vampire red lips are not just for holiday parties—try them all season!

5. A peach eye shadow pairs perfectly with autumn wardrobe colors like gold and orange. 

6. If you like off-the-runway looks, try silver eyeliner on the upper lash line and dusted gold eye shadow on the lower lash line. 

7. Move away from heavy foundation—get light coverage and extra moisture with a BB cream.

8. Matte red lips never go out of style! Try an orange hue for a more natural look, or a bright red hue for a classic look.

9. Use white or nude eyeliner in waterline for a well-rested look.

10. Remember to protect your skin from sun damage every day—even in the fall! A tinted SPF or a moisturizer with SPF under your makeup works well. 

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