You have probably heard of the Type A personality.  These people speed through their lives in a ball of stress at hundreds of miles an hour, racing from activity to activity.  Their purpose in life seems to be to just go.  It doesn’t matter why or where.  Creativity is an afterthought. 

Does this sound like you?  Well, you could have a Type A personality.  On the other hand, you might actually be a TypeE.  These innovators are usually entrepreneurs, top executives, small business owners, artists, musicians, athletes and scientists and those who work closely with them…

If you consider yourself energetic, creative, a global/systems thinker or simply enthusiastic, chances are you are a TypeE.

This check list will help determine if you’re a Type A or a TypeE.  One word of caution:  if you’re someone with a TypeE personality, but you’re living a life that is out of balance, you will look just like a Type A.


Type A - Most often they hate spending time alone.  One of the reasons they get so much done is that they’ve got to stuff some type of activity into each and every minute of the day.

TypeE - If you’re a true TypeE, you’d kill to get some time to yourself.  It’s during the time alone that ideas, solutions and in some cases a feeling of deep well being emerge.


Type A - Organization seems to come naturally to those with a Type A personality.  It’s what allows them to accomplish so much in so little time.  But alas, they’re never finished.  See “Time” above.       

TypeE - The term organization is like the Promised Land.  It’s a rare gift and one they continually strive for but seldom achieve; that is, unless they have a supportive team moving them forward.


Type A - Who’s got time to be creative?  Their list is never-ending.  Satisfaction comes from getting things done.

TypeE - They live and breathe creativity.  Put a TypeE into an environment where they are running things, instead of creating and you can watch them wither away to nothing - or create a wonderful crisis to play with themselves and those around them.


Type A - Linear thinking is their specialty.  That’s why they can travel from point A to point B and get a hundred things done on their way to solving a problem.

TypeE - Shifting between the bee-line approach to problem solving and the non-linear thinking that lands them out of the box is one of the reasons TypeEs can solve one problem and come up with solutions to problems that haven’t even been identified yet.

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2 responses to “Think you’re a Type A? Think Again…”

  1. Everine Johansen Says:
    It was a relief to read this. I am an e type mystic and an entrepreneur, but hasn't really felt like I truly was. Reading this I see it is because I have been comparing myself with what I have been led to believe was the true type of entrepreneur-ship, the type A.
    So thank you, it is a good feeling to see that someone gets me.
  2. Heidi Nobantu Saul Says:
    Hi Everine! Yes, many others feel the same way you do when they discover they are TypeEs, someone gets them and there are others out there who are the same! AND it's such a relief when we discover that we can indeed be entrepreneurs without going down the Type A rabbit hole of stress. Keep following your passion and know that you're not alone. There are plenty of successful TypeE Mystic entrepreneurs loving the life they're creating!

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