By Tina Powers, Medium

If you are reading this, your Intuition has brought you to Miraval's Mindful Blog for a reason. Perhaps you are in need of a rest, are searching for answers in your life, or just feel a change coming. I firmly believe that our Intuition is our inner compass and that although we should listen to ourselves, we are socialized to listen to others for validation. Often, we do what others think we should do, instead of what we know is best for us. It is a process to get back to our own thoughts and feelings—our inner knowing.

Other people are great for bouncing ideas off of and to help and support us on our journey, but truly, we are the only one who knows deep down what our soul desires. It is my hope to help people learn to trust themselves and the signs we are all constantly receiving from this world and other realms.

Much of the outer world compares and contrasts everything, which can leave us feeling out of sorts, but when we are firmly our authentic selves, our lives start to unfold in a unique and divine way. All of us want to feel the synchronistic flow in life which comes from inward listening. I believe everything that happens to us is a building block for growth—through both good and difficult situations; this is truly how we learn about ourselves and decide to grow and change.

I have always been extremely sensitive since childhood—as many of us are. I often felt and saw people who were in another world (realm) and it scared me. Fast forward to my work in the media and news business for over 14 years, where I learned to use my Intuition to help me get in touch with the stories I was reporting on and to deliver that information in a quick and concise way.

As I continued to follow my inner knowing that there was so much more to experience in life—my life started to unfold in a dramatic and unique way. I now say "I report for the Other Side" instead of the much harsher news on this side. Finding our passion is essential to feeling happier and grounded in life. It becomes a mission. What do you love to do? Start there. Add more of the things you love. If you love helping people, take that coaching class that certifies you. If you are yearning for more creativity in your life, take a painting class. Take action. Ask yourself the question, "If I didn't have to do it perfectly, I would..." and fill in the blank.

Part of my job is to help people make connections with their loved ones who have transitioned to the other world. Many times we have left things unsaid. An apology, confirmation, or visit from those we love can help deliver a deep relief and knowing that all is well and that life continues. It can free us to do what our soul came here to do. Once during a session, it came through from the other side that my client was written out of her mother's will. During our time together, her deceased mother said that she did not do this consciously. It was done under medication and while in a state of confusion. My client's face and demeanor changed immediately, and with that information, she was free. My work has taught me to do what I can do NOW. For example, tell the people in your life you love them—don't wait!

Remember, we all have abilities to connect with higher consciousness. It was built into us. It just takes practice and trust to use it. Here is an exercise to try tomorrow morning—when you wake up tomorrow and are ready to say the words, "Oh, I have to get out of bed", try staying there an extra few minutes. Close your eyes and ask if there is a guidance for you for the day or if there are any messages for you from the other world. Just be open to receive. Pay attention to the thoughts, feelings, and images that come to you. Start validating them. We often ask for help and then when we get an answer in our mind, we think we made it up! Let's suspend judgment for a moment on ourselves and the messages we are receiving. Let's welcome them instead and say "thank you!" to enter the gift of a new day much more connected and centered.

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2 responses to “Using Your Intuition”

  1. Mary Jo Savol Says:
    Dear Tina, I was so fortunate to have a session with you at MIraval last May. The "report from the other side" warmed my heart and gave me great insight into my loving support team. I go back to it often to know I am not alone and to inspire me to keep on keeping on. I look forward to connecting again through you. You are an amazingly gifted woman with compassionate heart. I and my loved ones on the other side thank you for our lovely reunion. -Mary Jo Savol
  2. Miraval Says:
    Thank you Mary Jo! We look forward to welcoming you back to Miraval soon.

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